How to Add New Missions in GTA 5?

How to Add New Missions in GTA 5 – GTA 5 is one of the highly trending and also open-world action games in the grand theft auto series.

By having the extraordinary contribution of the community, the game is going to be on the top of the chart for more years. The story missions are the major highlight of GTA 5 and there are a total number of 69 main missions out of these missions, there are six heist missions in the story mode. 

How to Add New Missions in GTA 5?

How to Add New Missions in GTA 5

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By having the inclusion of mods, the players can be able to experience a huge range of new missions, opening portals of new concepts and also techniques that can simply get applied when they play the game.

The modding community contribution is the icing on the cake and mainly when they hype up the energy of the mission to great heights. By considering all the things, here we are going to share the best mods that players need to try and learn How to Add New Missions in GTA 5. 

Best Mods That Bring New and Fun Missions to GTA 5

  • Grand Theft Zombies

Zombies are the striking creature and the inclusion of these brain-eating monsters into the GTA 5 game. The players will also experience a handful of the actions in the new zone and these missions are mainly related to the intellectual gameplay.

With the help of this mod, the players can be able to step into the action for some fun with the bunch of brain-dead monsters which are spawning around them the best part of the mod is the inclusion of the fast zombies and the zombified dogs. 

  • Fleeca Bank Heists

Ravaging is one of the lifelines into the San Andreas world and Fleeca bank heist is one of the revamped versions of Rob Fleeca. In GTA Online, Fleeca bank is not seen in any other mission and it connects that.

With the mod, the players are able to rob all the six branches of Fleeca Bank and as seen in the game, Fleeca bank vaults can’t get opened and no employee is available inside. Also, this mod will include the five methods to simply break the vaults and bestows and provide a new experience to the players.

From removing the marks to adding the police into the latest update, the mod comes up in a long way. Also, this mod is the creation of the aimless. 

  • JobsV

The players can be able to experience the real-life challenges in GTA 5 with this mod and the creator’s thinking process is also commendable. Gamers can be able to work in a college entry job and attend college, obtain a degree and get a paid job and much more.

They can also be able to experience the taste of success in their virtual character from achieving nothing to everything. The best part of this mod is that the players can be able to take lots of courses and this mod is the creation of the TylerEspo from the community of modding. 

  • ATM Robberies & Bank Heists

It is one of the mods which include the element players were logging for. With the help of this mod, the players will be able to rob an ATM or bank freely and all the available cash into the 10 banks and 47 ATMs will be within the player’s reach.

When they load their bags, they can simply go to the safehour or the hideouts with the GTA online player’s safebooru symbol. Hideouts will remove the player’s LPSD records, making them ready to simply rob anytime when they want. The increase is multifold with these creations from the modding community and this mod is one of the creations of FelixTheBlackCat. 

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