For The King Best Classes Tier List Guide 2022

For The King Best Classes Tier List – Here in this king classes tier list, you will get to know the complete details about the best class and team for the strategic adventures. Also, the hard campaigns with the help of the right class are one of the huge steps to provide the highest chances of victory. The party compositions and the classes will simply allow the players to win over the difficult players who carefully need to select the right combination For The King Best Class tier list at the journeyman and also the master difficulty to simply create one of the best teams to succeed in these tough conditions.

By getting beaten from all the base for the king campaigns on the huge difficulty, I have to try and also test a huge combination of the several types of parties to simply determine into the ranks of the king classes tier list and also the best team which I have captured given-below for both of the new and also the intermediate player. Also, there are some of the variations in For The King Best Classes Tier List based on the campaign and also your personal playstyle and there are some of the standouts are also available in the characters which will also improve the odds of the victory greatly and also become the priority lore store unlock.

For The King Best Classes Tier List

For The King Best Classes Tier List

For the king best classes tier list guide, which is mainly designed with the S, A, B, and C tiers which will mainly get discussed in the process with the description of every tier which will represent and also about why every character is available in that tier. 

For The King Best Class Team Composition

Before getting into the best characters, there are some important things for the players to simply understand in terms of the team composition for the king best class team. With the help of these principles in your mind, you can simply be able to mix out and match with the classes tier list which we are sharing below to simply design the best team for the playstyle and also by simply combining with the simple tips and tricks to be in a strong position for success. 

Every team of The King is mainly made up of 3 characters with the most insane players who are attempting the game with the least party. Also, it will give a core part of the game which is that the stat checks players and is willing to focus on the flexible team set up to make sure that they can easily pass it without any particular use of the focus. 

There are a total of 6 stars in The King and I simply think that there are 4 different archetypes of the characters. Also, these are the strength, intelligence, and also the awareness and talent characters with the two starts which will always get covered with the other selection of characters and it will make the party composition to gets a challenge in an easy manner 

For The King team composition, I simply suggest the players for the campaigns. 

  • Strength, Intelligence, and Awareness. 
  • Strength, Intelligence, and Talent. 

I will always place the selected strength character in the middle of the team as they are having the ultimate vitality stat and also it will damage the tanking ability. Also, it can also be your awareness character because of the high dodge chance as they will gain from the items. It is due to the number of areas of the effect which will attack those monsters which will use For The King which will always hit the center character but not always hit on the characters on the sides which will completely depend upon the primary target of the attack. 

What Makes A Class The Best?

In terms of determining the best class, it is really important to know about what makes a class for the king gladiator good and also the basics for the tier list class ratings. 

  • Starting Stats: It is one of the important factors at the time of creating the party at the beginning of the stats of the character. Also, one of the major successes of the factors in For The King is getting close to the 95 stat value to simply make sure to attack, and also the skills are really successful. Due to this reason, the characters with the higher starting stats are mainly favored when you are having the more consistent in the early game and also to be stronger in the later campaign of the game. 
  • Special Abilities: It is equally important to the stats which are the special abilities having a particular impact from the start to finish on the playstyle. Also, the king offers a wealth on some of the special abilities which will provide you some the more items and gold, damage or also it will reduce the number of stat rolls which is mainly required for a particular action. Some of the king’s special abilities are mainly clear winners by simply providing a particular advantage while the others are lackluster. 
  • Starting Equipment: As it is not as significant as the above-given factors which are the starting equipment which is mainly the important consideration in the huge difficulties for the immediate sell value to simply upgrade the weapon or to help the people to get passed by the brutal early game so its a minor consideration in terms to decide for the king best class. 

If you are willing to get a general overview for every class with the dash of the humerus beans which has produced a complete summary of what each for the king character brings you into the party. 

For The King Best Classes Tier List (S Tier)

The Tier S characters always have a special place in the team of For The King game and also it is one of the decent starting teams on their own. Also, these characters are really best in terms of their own stat which is really supported by the solid abilities which will be helpful for the players to simply improve the consistency and also helps the player to counter the RNG of the game. 


It is really fast for the king characters and the hunter is one of the best and most powerful additions for any of the team who will attract first in the fights in a constant manner and provide the chances to kill the enemies before they attack the party. The high-speed stat of the hunter means that you will be able to move in a faster manner by the overworld and also it will work in a decent manner along with the energy boost. Also with the high awareness stat of the game for the best damage, you will have to equip the hunter along with a bow to simply take the advantage of the shot special which will provide you the 10% chances for the high damage and for the power hit. 

Lots of players of the community will experiment with a team of 3 which will be highly effective in the combat and also struggle to simply complete the other stat checks during the game. 


It is the other character For The King Best Classes Tier List guide and also has the high-speed stat which gets combined with the hunter which is one of the deadly combinations with the two different characters which can simply be able to damage the monsters into the game before they attack the players. It is one of the high intelligence stat which will make the scholar deadly in the combat and also when it gets combines with the refocus means that you can be able to equip all of them with the hard-hitting intelligence weapons or also you can be able to use the debuffs on several magical tomes and get the consistent success. 

By simply ensuring that you are having a blend into the magic and into the physical damage which is always one of the important considerations in the team building and also into the scholar, which will provide the best magic damage. 


The best tank into the king’s best-classed tier list is Blacksmith which has the huge strength statistic with the high vitality and it will make them really durable. Also, the durability can be enhanced with the steadfast ability which can easily negate an attack when it gets activated. Also, the trade-off for this is terrible speed stat and it means that the blacksmith will simply get limited chances to attack or to taunt and also lag behind the group in the overworld movement which requires careful and proper management and also the consideration as well. 

For The King Best Classes Tier List [A TIER]

Basically, A Tier character for the king busker can simply be able to lead the players to the victory in the campaign and also needs the better equipment or the forethought to simply use the complete effectiveness which means that they don’t need to make S tier. Also, they are really capable to hold their own and slightly behind the best classes and also into the majority of the campaigns and the difficulties which will barely drop into the power. 


For the players who are willing to bring the talent-based character to their team, the Minstrel is one of the best options and the For the king community. It will also provide the highest talent stat of any of the characters along with the decent speed to simply match with the minstrel specializes to simply encourage the characters to give the better outcome into the combat and also to be careful planning which can simply inspire the experience of the boost consistently. 

It will give the mechanics for the king classes tier list to simply inspire the players to have the minstrel equipped as the right character in the party so that they will simply be able to move to the last end to their turn near their characters. 


The herbalist is one of the classes which you will think is the overpowers when the first start by simply playing For the king best class in terms of simply innate the part heal ability which will simply combine and gather the herbs for the consistent stock. As the herbalist is one of the strong picks and their lack of speed and also the offensive power can hinder your success along with the offensive focused team which will actually remove the need for the regular party healing by simply focusing on the offense. It is also being said that an apprentice or the journeyman difficulty the herbalist which can simply make your life easy along with the reduction in terms of damage to be missed. 

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