How to Play Cashflow Online?

How to Play Cashflow Online – If you are getting bored sitting at your home then you must need to give a try to one of the educational Cashflow games.

Also, you can simply be able to learn all the basics about how to manage your personal finance which you definitely didn’t learn at any school. 

The first time, a game related to personal finance and investing seems intimidating but if you go through this article then you will become so familiar with the game like the assets and liabilities, and also get to know about what passive income is. 

How to Play Cashflow Online?

How to Play Cashflow Online

So, I need to break it down for you so that you will get enough information to try the cashflow game and to get to know the basic learning which you learned from this game. 

You don’t need to worry if you can’t get your hand on the board game because you play the online version for Free. 

You only need to create an account and then simply make a login. Also, it will allow the users to play on their own with 1 player as it is really more fun to play this game with your friends. 

The online game will not provide the proper instructions to the players about the working of this game. If yes, then you can simply read and follow this article to understand everything about this game. 

Why Should I Play the Cashflow Game?

If you are looking for a reason to play this game then this will have some profound effects on your daily life and also you will get to know how to manage your money. Also, it will help the users to know about some of the important tools in terms of tracking the finances by which you will get to know what you would implement in your life. 

Also, it will allow the users to experiment with the behavior which you don’t try in their life in the free risk environment where you will get to know about the working of it. 

The playing of this game will closely reflect the real-life act. So, it will give the proper insights about do’s and don’t. I find it one of the great simplistic and also the introduction about the important concepts and also how you can do the research about its working in your real life. 

Also, the game will train your mindset. Also, the people find out the possibilities of playing this game which they will never be exposed to due to their beliefs and also due to lack of confidence or lack of knowledge as well. 

What’s the Aim of the Game?

Basically, this game is divided into two parts. In the first part, the middle circle is known as Rat Race where most of the learning will take place. The main motive of this is to get your passive income to be more than your overall expenses. 

The motive behind this is that when you reach this stage then you don’t need to work in order to earn money and to maintain your life due to the assets which will help you to generate income on a regular basis.

When I got to the second part of this game which is Fast Track, I didn’t need to talk much about it as it is a little bit boring compared to the first track. 

There are two different methods that you can be able to work towards the Rat Race and also be able to win the part first in this game. The game has a handy tracker in terms to get to know the progress of this game and also you will get to know about the financial statements which will help you to know more about it. 

Increasing Your Passive Income

You can be able to start this game with a $0 passive income and also the word passive shows that you are not doing any work actively for the money in a flow and also your work where you trade time to get a salary. 

Also in this game, you will get a chance to purchase assets that will create a positive cash flow regularly. It will provide you with passive income. Some of the assets examples are that you can purchase some stocks, businesses and also property, and gold as well. 

You may be able to purchase the socks and also hold them until you will get a higher price to sell them but you need to know that it is not a passive income due to no Regular money flow. When you sell your stocks then it is a one-off gain in the cast so that you can be able to use your investment in some of the other assets. 

Also, if you buy some property then it will help you in terms of positive cash flow to rent it out. Also, you will get some of the changes related to the negative or zero cash flow. Also, the money you earn by selling the property as well. 

In simple terms, there is no difference between the passive income and the one-off gain which you will earn by selling your assets. Also, at the time when you sell your assets, you will be giving up the cash flow which is provided by your whilst. 

What are Financial Statements?

Basically, the financial statement tools are one of the keys which help to track the progress of game playing. It is having the payday amount and also the statement of your income and balance sheet as well. 

You can simply land on the PayDay in the Rat Race. It will calculate your income and also your expenses and also the pays related to your account balance. Your income statement will show you the monthly sources of income and also the expenses on the monthly basis. 

The major use of this is to track your passive income which you will get from the assets and also it will try to reduce the expenses as much as possible by simply paying off the liability. You can check the assets and liabilities on the balance sheet. 

As you know that assets are something that you buy personally by using the cash flow and it provides you with a hope to sell them at a higher rate as compared to their buying rate.

It is also important to track how much they cost you to purchase them and also to find out how much you will earn at the time of selling them. 

On the other side, liabilities are something that you can begin with loans or credit cards and also with the money you are having at the time of purchasing anything like property or business-related things. 

The two major statements which get linked with it are your monthly income and your monthly expenses. The balance sheet will help you to get to know about the long-term financial position. 

Other Elements of Game

  • Dream

While starting this game, you are required to pick a dream. It is not as important as it will be related to the second part of the game when you enter into the Rat Race. So, it doesn’t matter as much as what you pick. 

  • Deals

When you come on the deal then you will have to select between the small or big deal. Your selection will completely depend upon the cash which you are having for the investment. 

  • Market

When you enter into a market opportunity then it comes to a chance of selling a particular asset. If you are not having any assets then it is completely useless to you. If you are having assets then you can simply select and start selling them. Also, it comes up with some of the great changes in the conditions of the market such as slitting in stocks. 

  • Repaying Debts/Liabilities

With every step you take, you will get a particular option to repay the debts and also when you are having particular cash. Also, it will enable you to reduce particular expenses as well. 

  • Random One-Off Expenses

They are mainly known as Doodads. Generally, they will decide to splurge the money timely. Also, you don’t have any choice but you have to pay. 

  • Downsizing

It is related to real life and you can simply get laid off. Generally, it means that the company for which you are working will be downsizing and you will lose your job. 

  • Babies

It is obvious that this game also provides babies. Also, it will add expenses that you can’t be able to ignore. You can only have 3 babies in the game which is the maximum. 

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Final Verdict:

So, we hope that this article helps you to understand the working of How to Play Cashflow Online. Also, we think that this information is sufficient for you. 

The game is not perfect but it is mainly based upon the context of the United States and also on the prices and values which are not real and also they are over-simplified. Again, if it will try to be realistic then it may become so complicated for anyone to pick it up. 

If you have any issue or query related to this then feel free to drop your query or issue in the below-given comment section or also you can directly mail us to get an instant response.

If you have some questions related to the game playing then let us know what you think.

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