Why Did Pik Pok Cancel Into the Dead Board Game?

Why Did Pik Pok Cancel Into the Dead Board Game – As you know that Into the Dead is one of the successful and popular mobile games which is developed by the company PikPok and they have been on the Kickstarter which are looking to find out the funding for their board game version of their original game.

Within two weeks of the campaign, PikPok talked with us about the game and also their idea behind bringing it to the tabletop. 

Why Did Pik Pok Cancel Into the Dead Board Game?

Why Did Pik Pok Cancel Into the Dead Board Game

You need to make sure to check out the weekend here and where we also talk about the game and also the premise behind it. 

About PikPok: Into the Dear

PikPok: Into the Dear: The board game is a miniature board game for two to four players which is set in the zombie apocalypse world of the mobile game in the dead and into the dead 2.

The game is mainly designed by Trishula entertainment and the publisher is PikPok which develops and publishes the original mobile game for android and iOS devices. 

So, PikPok is Releasing Their Own Board Game Based On Their Mobile Games?

Yes, it is really common to see licensed board games on Kickstarter but it is unusual to see the port created by the same people who have developed the original video game.

We see this not as a port but as a method to expand the gameplay option for the gans and to extend the world and lore and Laos to simply use the skills of the artists and the game developer in a completely creative manner. It is really great that Kickstarter will help the users to enable the project to come into their life. 

However, This is PikPok’s First Board Game.

Yes, to ensure that we did this right, we partnered up with really experienced people and board game and miniature experts to ensure that we approached everything in the right manner. Trishula’s entertainment designers also worked on more than 100 board games and their experience is invaluable.

We also work with the New Zealand studio scale studios who are experienced in miniature to simply consult on our miniature sculptures and also ensure that they work for the manufacturer and at a very small size. 

We Heard That You Did All Your Own 3D Sculpting? What Was That Process Like?

We have lots of sculpted characters in the video game and these are not going out transferred into the board game easily. The level of details and also an exaggeration of the details are required to be altered to work at the right level.

The fund was to simply figure out the poses and decide how to take the character which had been seen into the motion and also to figure out how to encapsulate their personalities with the correct pose. 

How Many Miniatures Are There?

There are mainly two versions of the game on Kickstarter and one comes up with four characters, four dogs, and sixty zombies. We start with the three different zombie poses and they are expanded to six. Also, the apocalypse version of the game will come up with six characters, six dogs, and also 120 zombies in six different poses. 

Does it Come With Dog Miniatures?

We are having lots of exciting comments related to the dogs and we really love them and people love them as well. Every character in the game has their own loyal canine companion and every companion is having their own unique skill. Every companion also comes up with a custom-painted card. 

How Did You Work On Bringing All of The Art For the Game to Life?

It is where we will bring out our skills to the table PikPok games are mainly famous for their high-quality graphics and our art team is also phenomenally talented. The boards, dashboard, and cards will come up with the custom illustration which we have worked on in-house so that the style will match up with the mobile game inspiration. 

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