Best Cricket Games for Android – Top 10

Best Cricket Games for Android – Here in this article, we are going to provide you with the top 10 cricket games for android in India which you will be able to download and also play for free from the Google Play Store.

As you know that cricket is one of the highly favorite sports in India and Indians will celebrate it not like a game but like a festival. 

Best Cricket Games for Android

Best Cricket Games for Android

This is the reason that when any India match takes place then we all will stick to our phones and get busy watching the match. What if I tell you that now you can able to play cricket at the international level? Yes, not in this real world but in the virtual world.

Here in this blog, we are going to tell you some of the best android cricket games which you can download and play on your mobile device. 

Top 10 Cricket Games for Android 2022

Check out the complete list of best cricket games for android in India 2022 which you will be able to play on your mobile device easily. 

  • World Cricket Championship 2

You need to know that this game will get lots of downloads and good ratings in all the mobile cricket games on the Google Play Store. The world cricket championship 2 is having a size of 500MB and this game will provide you with a real experience of cricket. In this mobile cricket game, you will get to play popular cricket shots like dil-scoop, the helicopter shot, and also the uppercut as well. 


  • Online and offline 1v1 multiplayer by online rivals and local rivals. 
  • 150 different batting animations and 28 different bowling actions. 
  • Rain interruption D/L method.
  • Challenging AI opponent. 
  • 18 different international teams and 10 domestic teams and 42 different stadiums. 
  • The games of cricket mode. 
  • Batsmen will get injured for poor shot selection. 
  • More than 40 in-game camera angles. 
  • Two different batting controls. 
  • Share and save the game highlights. 


  • World Cricket Championship 3

The second best cricket game for android in India is the world cricket championship 3. This is the next version of WCC 2 and you will get lots of advanced features with high graphics. You will get a realistic mobile cricket game along with the cutting edge gameplay feature and brand new control and multiplayer feature and so on. There are also frequent updates available of this game in which the game developers will introduce new features which enhance the gaming experience. 

  • It has lots of brand new full motion captured cricket actions of batting, bowling, and fielding. 
  • It has brand new hand-crafted stadiums, lighting, and pitches that mesmerize you when you play. 
  • It is having dynamic AI which simply scales as per your level of skill.
  • It connects the gameplay with live cricket and simulates the real-time matches in-game with the Hot events. 


  • World Cricket Championship Lt

In terms of the simple and easy cricket games for android in India, the world cricket championship Lt is something which you can play. After the new update of the game, two new tournaments will get added to it and it will make your game more versatile. You can simply play the pack of three of the highly electrifying cricket games for android. Also, in this game, you will get a shortboard where you can simply give a shout-out to your friends and also be able to make new friends as well. 


  • Real Cricket 20

Another best cricket game for android is Real Cricket 20. If you love to hear the commentary in cricket a lot then you will definitely like this game as in this, you will be able to hear not only the male commentary but also the female commentary as well. You will also be able to listen to the commentary in English and Hindi language of Sanjay Manjrekar which will provide you a real experience. 

  • Challenge mode. 
  • Female commentary and other commentary packs. 
  • Real cricket premier league. 
  • Road to world cup and road to RCPL. 
  • Spectate and stream your friend’s live matches in any of the multiplayer modes. 
  • All new pro cam
  • Authentic stadium
  • Players auctions
  • Text matches. 


  • World Cricket Battle 2 – Play T20 Cricket League on Android

The Indian premier league is not seen in India but all over the world and on a large level. Is also the format of this league is short and the result of the match is in front of you in a few hours. Because of the fast cricket format, people will start playing cricket a lot. This is the reason that gamers are looking for the best IPL games in a continuous manner. 

  • It gives real-time batting multiplayer. 
  • It has an auction mode. 
  • Most of the authentic multiple my career modes. 
  • It has unique and advanced gameplay. 
  • It uses the rain and Duckworth Lewis method. 
  • It has lots of tournaments. 
  • Third umpire. 
  • Ultra-edge detection with a snickometer. 
  • Real-life weather changes. 
  • Sledding and numerous cut scenes. 


  • World of Cricket – Real Championship

It is a dream to represent their country in India’s most lovable sport and there are some people who will get this chance. Now, you can simply be able to fulfill your dream without joining any of the cricket academies. In this game, you can be able to create your own cricket team and also be able to compete with international teams from all over the world. 

  • Realistic bat and ball physics for the extraordinary cricket experience. 
  • You can simply play the different modes and leagues. 
  • It has high-quality graphics. 
  • It offers professional commentary. 
  • It also has the auto-play mode for bowling and batting. 
  • It has professional audio commentary and also ambient sound for the group. 


  • Epic Cricket – Real 3D World Cup Championship

The next game on the list of best cricket games for android in India is epic cricket. If you love to play 3D cricket games and Epic cricket is the real 3D world cup championship cricket gate which mainly provides high-quality graphics and ultra-high quality, player faces and also game visuals. 

  • It has 20 international cricket teams. 
  • 8 Plus world cricket championship tournament. 
  • It also has live events. 
  • It also has a live player auction. 
  • It has stunning stadiums. 
  • It has a real slow-motion camera. 
  • It has live commentary in English and Hindi. 


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Final Verdict

So, these are some of the top 10 best cricket games for android 2022.

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