Less Than 10 MB Games 2023

Less Than 10 MB Games – After getting lots of appreciation for the 1GB android game list, I started thinking about making a list of Less Than 10 MB Games for android devices. If you are one of the game lovers then you will definitely like these games which fall under 10MB. If you are not having a device that has 3-4GB of RAM then 10MB android games are the best option for you in terms of playing a low MB game and also enjoying a high graphics game experience.

There are lots of small size games which mainly work in a smooth manner on the old android device. You may also like to install a 500MB android game or if you want bigger than 10MB games then simply take a look at this 100MB android game list.

Less Than 10 MB Games

Less Than 10 MB Games

I remember that when I bought my first LAVA mobile which had very low RAM and also low memory storage I faced the issues of full storage. Now, you don’t need to think about it as there is the Less Than 10 MB Games for pc for you which are officially available on the play store.

Best Android Games Under 10MB Size

Here we are going to share the low size 10MB android games list for your android device and you need to know that they are free to download and play online. The games under 10 MB download are highly addictive games and you may also become a game maniac.

So, now let’s see the small game for android smartphones which we are going to share below. 

If you love the shooter game then you must give it a try to play modern sniper games which mainly come in the list of games under 10 MB uptodown. Also, this app is mainly published by candy movie and it is mainly downloaded by more than 50 million people and gets a rating of 4.2 stars from 1 million people. 

Dr Driving is one of the other low MB games for the android device and if you love to drive this, then must install this app on your device. You need to know that it is downloaded by 100+ million people and also it is rated 5+ million on average along with the 4.5 ratings. 

You need to know that breaking the prison is one of the amazing puzzle and action games and I am sure that you will enjoy this game if you love to solve puzzles. 10M+ Android users have already downloaded this game and give it a 4.0 rating. 

The caveman games are really exciting games that fall in the list of games under 10 MB online. Also, I have played this game and also completed lots of levels of this game. This game is mainly based upon the story of a caveman’s kids and dinosaurs in the jungle and this game mainly crossed 1 million downloads. 

If you love to play mind games then you must need to play this puzzle game so that you can be able to kill your stress. Here, you need to simply connect multiple things and also simply make fun of them. There are more than 10 million users who are playing this small mind-blowing game. 

If you are still not happy with these above 10 MB games then I love to give you more games as a bonus below. 

  • Mekorama

It is one of the best and most popular puzzle games which is available for Android devices and falls under the list of 10 MB games. This game is recommended as the editor’s choice for Google Play Store users and the game is mainly available for free with no hidden features. You will be able to enjoy the complete game free of cost. You can be able to play the game for free as long as you want and if you think that it is worth it, then you can be able to support the developer by simply paying for it and it’s completely your personal choice. 

  • Singularity

Singularity is one of the different games from the other and here you can be able to find out the methods to simply jump downwards by simply using the shadows in both the black and white platforms. The game can easily be played in all types of android versions that are available now and also take less space in your device which is nearly 10 MB. It is having minimal ads, creating less disturbance and those ads can get removed with the help of in-app purchases. 

  • Poly Path

Poly Path is one of the other addictive games and to play this game, you are required to have an incredible amount of focus and also the reflexes as well., You will also be able to counter the balls which are mainly supposed to drop into the rings with their respective colors. The game is so easy to play but the plant becomes curious and starts moving and also the game will become so tough to carry out.

It is so simple and tough to master and an internet connection is highly required to play this mind-twisting game. You can simply pick up your phone and start practicing your mind with something astonishing. As here we are discussing the games under 10MB then this game comes up in the 5 MB. 

  • No One Dies

No One Dies is one of the 10 level ups in the game and you are not supposed to control the character but 2 to 36 at a time. It is one of the mind-twisting games which is mainly designed to test the hand and also mental skills. You can run faster without tripping and also save lots of money. If you are willing to play a dark game with some of the modifications of the full adventure game then no one dies is one of the best options for you. 

  • Shadow Skate

The game vector began a new trend by simply designing shadow-themed games and I love to play the vector games that are developed by Nekki. Vector 2 and shadow fight 3 are mainly killing my device memory and also the storage as they are having a download size of 100MB and 425 MB respectively. I quickly uninstalled those memory beats and I found this shadow skate game under 10MB with a similar theme and the app is only 8.4 MB in size. I tried the app when I noticed it and really fell in love with it. The game has a clean interface and easy-to-use controls. It is one of the different skating games and you can easily be able to learn the game in a few minutes. 

  • Poly Path Casual Game
  • No One Dies Game
  • Modern Sniper Action Game
  • Endless Falling Action Game

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So, these are the best Less Than 10 MB Games. I hope that you like this complete list and if yes, then let me know by dropping a comment in the below-given comment section. Also, if you are playing other games and like most of them then simply let us know by using the below-given comment section.

Apart from that, if you have any issues or facing any difficulty while using or playing these games under 10 MB for pc offline then let us know with the help of the below-given comment section. We assure you we to assist you in a better and better manner.

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