How to Reset Pokemon Moon?

How to Reset Pokemon Moon – If you are the one who plays the Pokemon Sun or Moon by using the Nintendo 3Ds and are willing to scrap your saved file because you want to change the name of the character and also want to try some of the new starter Pokemon or also want to play by the game again then you need to know the process of how to reset Pokemon Sun and Moon

As you know, resetting the Pokemon Sun or Moon game is one of the simplest tasks but there are no actual instructions provided by the company about the process to do this. So, today here in this article, we are going to let you know about the complete process of how to reset Pokemon Sun and Moon. 

How to Reset Pokemon Moon

How to Reset Pokemon Moon

Also, here we are going to help you with the resetting process which was very useful for lots of Pokemon hunters and also it enables the users to get back quickly into the previous save if those Pokemon are caught the first time. 

How to Reset Pokemon Moon and Sun?

As with all the games of Pokemon, Pokemon Sun and Moon is something that allows the users to save files which means that you are required to reset the game if in case you are willing to do any of the above. In the process to reset the Pokemon Sun and Moon, simply follow the below-given instructions to complete the process successfully. Also, you don’t need to worry if you don’t want to reset the game because you will get an option to confirm your selection. Below we are sharing some of the steps which you need to follow in terms to reset Pokemon Sun or Moon. 

  • Load Up Pokemon Sun or Moon: You need to simply turn your Nintendo 3Ds on and then simply load the Pokemon Sun or Moon. 
  • Press X, B, Up: When you open the menu screen of the Game, simply press the following command. You need to press X and B upon the D-pad by which you will get the option to delete all your saved files. 
  • Confirm Your Reset: You need to simply click on the yes and then you are required to simply reset your copy of Pokemon Sun or Moon. 

If you are willing to reset Pokemon Sun starters again then you need to simply repeat the complete process again and also you can easily have the complete adventure in the region of Aloha. Also, resetting the other 3D Pokemon game, you need to follow the same process so that you can play the other 3D version as well. 

How to Soft Reset Pokemon Sun and Moon?

If you are confused, Should I restart pokemon sun and want to soft reset it so that you can get those shiny Pokemon then you can do it easily? There are no such issues to get the Pokemon and you can easily attempt the soft reset of your Pokemon Sun and Moon game also you can easily get back to the start screen where you can easily find out your last saved game. 

Below, we are sharing the complete process of how to soft reset the Pokemon Sun and Moon easily so that you can catch those monsters. 

  • Save Your Game

If you are currently playing Pokemon Sun and Moon then you need to save your game first to avoid the loss. 

  • Press L, R, and SELECT

Now, you are required to simply attempt the soft reset process by simply pressing the L, R, and the SELECT button. 

  • Load Your Save File

Here, you will be now on the main menu where you can simply load your save game easily. So, hopefully, this article related to the process of How to Reset Pokemon Moon and Sun and also the process of resetting is helpful for you. If this article is helpful for you and helps you to know the complete process then simply let us know by dropping a comment below so that we get to know how helpful this article is for you.

How to Start a New Game in Pokemon Sun

Starting a new game in Pokemon sun is so simple and easy only if you know the correct combination of keys. It is because you will not see a new game in the main menu of the game and have to reset the game to start it again. 

  • First of all, you need to launch the pokemon sun or pokemon moon. 
  • Now, simply press the X, B, and UP buttons together when the intro cutscene of the legendary pokemon appears. 
  • You have to simply select Yes twice in a row for the pop-up next which says “would you like to delete all saved data?”. 
  • You are required to confirm to erase all the saved data. 

Now, you can no longer be able to recover your saved data and start a new journey in the Pokemon sun. 

How to Restart Pokemon Ultra Sun?

You can be able to restart Pokemon ultra sun on Nintendo 3DS by simply pressing the X+B+Up button on the D-pad together. It is all about the hard resetting of your pokemon sun game where you will lose all your saved data. If you don’t want to lose the save file and want to restart the game then you can also be able to perform a soft reset. 

How to Soft Reset Pokemon Sun?

If you are one of the masters of pokemon then you know very well what a soft reset is and for those who don’t know what a soft reset in pokemon is:

A soft reset is one of the features in pokemon games where it involves holding some buttons on the gaming console at once. Soft resetting or SRing will not delete your saved file and it will take you to the startup screen. Also, this feature is one of the best options to search for shiny pokemon. Lots of players will use the soft reset to simply get the shiny starters and good nature legendaries. You have taken one of the pokemon suns started by now already. 

What if I tell you that you can be able to get a shiny starter as the pokemon sun’s best starter? To soft reset pokemon games, you are required to press a similar button pattern as you do in hard resetting. 

Some people ask how many times you have to soft reset to get the shiny starter.

In terms of increasing the chance to get a shiny starter, you need to simply perform an 1893 soft reset. In a minute, you are able to do 3 soft resets and approximately you need 10 or 30 minutes to get the shiny starter. 

Does Soft Reset Increase Shiny Chances?

Yes, you will get it right. Soft resetting is one of the methods to increase the chance to catch shiny pokemon. Does soft resetting damage your 3DS the answer is no, a soft reset will not damage your 3DS at all. 

How to Soft Reset Pokemon Games on Nintendo 3DS?

  • First of all, you need to save the currently playing Pokemon game. 
  • Now, press L+R+SELECT and then the game will soft reset and bring you back to the main menu. 
  • Simply continue playing the game. 

By spring, you will not lose your current progress and you will begin your game from the exact location where you saved. This is one of the fantastic features if you are willing to increase the rate of catching shinies. If you don’t have the 3Ds and want to play Pokemon sun on the desktop then you can simply download Citra emulator.

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