Brain Test Level 187 I Hate Math! Get Rid Of This Number Answer

If you are one of the brain test players and reach the Brain Test Level 187 I hate math then this article is going to be very helpful for you. With the help of this article, you can be able to get the answer to this quiz or riddle in a very easy and simple manner.

So, if you are on the brain test level 187 I hate math! Get rid of this number answer then you have to read this article till the end to understand all the details and answer in a proper and quick manner. 

This article helps you to know all the walkthroughs which will include the solutions of the games, the images, and answers as well. If you ever face a level in a brain test game that you can’t be able to in answer then you have to read this whole article to see the detailed hints and the solutions of the image hints which we have also provided in this article. 

Brain Test Level 187

Brain Test Level 187

Brain Test level 187 games will help people to freshen up their minds when they are getting bored or feeling tired. Here, this article is going to help people to get to know some of the best brain test level 110 solutions that they can be able to access quickly. So, simply read this article till the end to get to know more and more about it.

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About Brain Test Game

Brain test is one of the highly addictive games which offers the free tricky puzzle along with the complete series of tricky brain teasers. This game will offer different riddles testing which will definitely challenge your mind. Also, this new puzzle game will also break the common sense of the players, and also it will provide you with a pushing experience. You can easily be able to enjoy playing this game with your friends along with this funny and highly addictive free IQ game. 

Brain test is having lots of tricky puzzles which will definitely make you think outside the box. Also, this game will provide you with a new puzzle experience which will be really fun for you and also so challenging as well. You can easily be able to enjoy the brain test alone in your room but sometimes it may be more fun when you play this game with others such as with your friends or family. If you ever face any problem with the solutions or anything else then simply feel free to let us know by simply dropping your comment in the comment section given below. 

How to Solve Brain Test Level 187?

How Do You Pass Level 187 On Brain Test?

In terms of getting rid of the one, you are having to simply place the G letter before it simply makes it look like the G+One Gone. 

Brain Test Level 187 Answer

This level is one of the funniest of all the levels so far and in this level, the focus is on the reasoning as you can be able to see 1 is made on the screen and here you need to try to make a word of the English language. You can simply be able to put G in front of 1 so that altogether it will become an English word.  As you know that 1 is known as One in English and when you put G in front of the 1 and it will form the word G+ ONE=GONe and in this manner, you will pass this level. 

Benefits of Playing Brain Text Game

Such types of games have proved to be so beneficial for development and at the same time, it helps you to simply look at every problem from a new perspective. Research also found that 15 minutes of mental exercise is required on a daily basis which will be beneficial for humans. It will open up a new dimension or thinking of the people and as a result of which innovation is found in such human beings more than 500% as compared to normal people.

Where Can I Find The Brain Test Game to Play?

The game is mainly available on the Google Play store and also on the apple app store with lots of favorable ratings. This game is for you if you love to take brainstorming riddles. There are lots of other similar games available on the Play store and app store which focus on improving your brain power. We will listen to some of the apps below. 

  • Brain Out: Can You Pass It?
  • Who is? Brain teaser and Riddles.
  • Easy Game – brain test
  • Homescapes
  • Trivia Crack


  • What is a Brain Test?

Brain tests mainly feature lots of challenging puzzles in which you are required to think beyond the limits. 

  • Where Can I Find The Brain Text Game to Play?

The game is mainly available in the Google Play Store and apple app store with great ratings and reviews. 

  • What is the Advantage of Playing the Brain Test?

The brain test game is mainly meant to put your mental stamina to the test. It needs to do with the problem solving abilities and your reasoning skills and problem solving skills easily. 

  • Is Brain Text A Good Game?

Yes, the brain test is one of the best and most fun games in terms of improving the power of the brain and for the best brain exercise. 

  • Is Brain Test a Free Game?

Yes, the brain test is one of the free games.

  • Does Playing Brain Test Game Increase IQ?

Playing games like brain tests showed visible results in terms of improvising the power and focus of the brain.

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