WoW Item Restoration – World of Warcraft Item Restoration

This article is all about the detailed information related to the Wow Item Restoration process hence simply read the complete information below to know more about it in detail.

In fact, one of the most, if not the most, massively popular multiplayer online role-playing games, is World of Warcraft.

Pushing millions of active players and monthly subscribers, it is no longer surprising that many players have invested hundreds or thousands of cash to get their hands on top-tier items for their characters.

Wow Item Restoration

Wow Item Restoration

If you are a WoW player, chances are that you have also invested a good amount of cash in the game.

However, there are instances when items you spent hours playing and farming can suddenly get lost. Fortunately, there is no fret yet. That is why we here with the right fixes and proven process about how can you restore World of Warcraft items easily. Hence follow the information below.

Do You Know About the World Of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is a highly popular MMO that lets you create and control your character to explore vast lands, fight monsters, complete quests, and interact in the game world to the inner world.

Since WoW is very popular with a huge and active player base, some items became rare – while some are no longer available for different reasons.

In addition, some items may be lost as stated above. If you happen to experience this type of issue, here are some tips that you can follow.

How Easily and Quickly One Can Restore Items in Wow

Even though it sounds complex for those who don’t know it, the process is pretty simple, and here are some of the quick fixes you can follow easily and directly.

  • Submit a Ticket
  • Restore a Deleted Character
  • Use Blizzard’s Item Restoration Feature

Submit a Ticket

If in any case, you have lost a stackable item under the process of Wow Item Restoration, you will need to submit a ticket to Blizzard’s customer support. To do that here is the best solution possible:

  1. First of all, simply visit this link
  2. As you will follow the above link, you will find the option of Clicking on the web ticket. You will then be taken to a page where you have to provide information about your character.
  3. Here you will be asked to fill in some details, just fill in the required fields. These include your character, scope, the name of the item you have recovered, and a detailed description of your item. Be sure to be as precise as possible.
  4. Attaching an image detailing the issue further is a boost. Click Continue then submit the ticket.
  5. After that, all of you can wait for a reply from their customer support.

For all other items that are not available on stackable items, they are no longer available for restoration. Please note that restored goods, including binds, should not be traded on furnished items.

Restore a Deleted Character

If the item you want to recover is in a character that you have already deleted, you can undelete it. Blizzard support has given us these quick and easy tips to follow:

  • In the Character Selection screen, click the circular arrow icon next to the Create New Character button.
  • After that, you will see the list of characters you can restore.
  • Just select the character you want to restore and click the circular arrow button.
  • Although you can restore your character and all items in the list before it is deleted, you cannot restore items that you have already destroyed or deleted before being deleted. Also, you need to make sure that you have enough space for your deleted character.
  • You can only restore a maximum of 50 to a maximum of 18 characters in all locations.
  • You should also consider the following criteria:
  • Class Trial Characters, One Love. 98 Demon Hunter, a Love. 55 Death Knight, and a character under Lavi. 10 are not eligible for reinstatement.
  • Characters between lv. 10–29 can be restored within 90 days after removal, while between them. 30-49 or a demon hunter among LV. 99–100 can be restored within 120 days after removal.
  • Characters that are least of love. 50 can be restored anytime you want.

Use Blizzard’s Item Restoration Feature

Once you have destroyed, or have destroyed items in your World of Warcraft game, you can use the item restoration feature by Blizzard. To do this, you will just have to follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. In order to use the feature, first of all, you will have to visit the official site of the link
  2. Click the blue button that says “Start restoration of item.” After clicking, you will be prompted to log into your Icy account. However, if you are already logged in, you will be taken to the restore page instead.
  3. On the restore page, simply select your character and the item you want to restore.
  4. Once you have selected the items you want to restore, just click continue.

After that, you will be taken to the confirmation page where you can finalize things. If all is well, click on the restored item.

  1. Your items must be available to your in-game character via in-game

Please note that you can use this “item restoration” service once every 15 days if you have a good account. Therefore, it is recommended that you have to select all the items that you want to restore at once.

In addition, also keep in mind that this only applies to items that you have sold, restless, or destroyed. For items that have been destroyed or destroyed, WoW’s system will remove all materials received before they are destroyed. Therefore, you must ensure that your character’s bag contains all the contents before using the item restore service.

If you are not equipped with the necessary materials then you will not be able to complete the restoration process.

Additional Note: Heirloom items from your characters are added to your Collections tab upon logging. Thus, you need to make sure that you have logged into your character before using the Restoration Service for the Heirloom item. Please note that game masters are not able to help you recover Heirloom items.

Understanding Item Restoration in WoW

This new service mainly does the same as what the name implies. Any items which are sold to the vendor or deleted or disenchanted can get recovered and also get placed back in the inventory. There is a catch like with all the things in life and some of the items can’t get recovered which we are going to tell you below. 

How to Recover Items Using Item Restoration

There are some of the requirements which you must meet before moving toward the next steps. 

  • If you are into a fire or rage and deleted your character then you need to have to undelete it. 
  • You are required to have that amount of crafting materials which you have got if you sold or disenchanted your items as nothing is free in this world. 
  • You have to check out your collection in case of a lost mount, heirloom, or pet. They may hide over there. 

With all this in mind, let’s start the restoration. The item restoration service is mainly available on Blizzard’s official website and you need to make a visit to the website to start the process. When you have landed on the item restoration page then simply make a login into your account and then click on the beginning item restoration button. 

Now, you will see the complete list of the servers from which you need to select the character the item is for. Then, you will get the option to select the items and ensure to make a double click on everything and properly review your classic wow item restoration. You need to ensure your way to your in-game mailbox to simply collect your prize. 

The Limitation of Item Restoration

In the great words of rocky balboa, the world is not all sunshine and rainbows and it may lead up to the final part of this guide. It may be disheartening for lots of you out there but there is an option where you are not able to recover your items by using the world of warcraft item restoration method. There are some of the particular items and some of the conditions for that as well. 

Items You Can’t Restore

  • The consumables like Food or potions. 
  • Traded items or the items sold at the auction house. 
  • Temporary items. 
  • Stackable crafting materials. 
  • Items are destroyed before the faction change or before the character transfer. 
  • The items are destroyed into your current session until you get logged out. 
  • One of the fixes for that is to simply speak with any of the vendors and check out the buyback tab. There are up to 12 items that you last sold that you are able to buy again.


  • Can you Restore Deleted Characters Wow?

To restore a deleted character, use the in-game character undelete feature. You can remove a character every 15 days. For more information, see our character undelete article. If your characters are missing, you may be logged into the wrong account.

  • Can you Recover a Deleted Wow Account?

You can use the unspecified feature to restore a deleted World of Warcraft character once every 15 days, as long as the character falls within the grace period set by their level.

  • How Long do Deleted Characters Stay in Wow?

Players cannot remove characters below level 55 or perform Death Knights at level 55. Characters between level 10 and level 29 disappear after 90 days, while characters between the two that is levels 30, as well as 49, disappear nearby after 120 days.

  • Does Blizzard Delete Old Accounts?

All accounts exist unless requested to remove them. If you cannot restore it via secret question and answer, feel free to contact the account and payment department. There is no such thing as a “spare” wow account. If you don’t play it, it’s not allowed to play

  • Can you Merge wow Accounts?

The game does not allow you to merge all these two accounts rather you can simply transfer your favorite types of characters from one account to the other. Go to and log into your “World of Warcraft” account. Click the “Manage Game” button under the “World of Warcraft” image.

  • Do Blizzard Delete Old Characters?

No, Blizzard does not remove characters even after repeated crimes. They will force a name change and eventually suspend and/or stop an account, but the characters remain intact.

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If you are a fan of World of Warcraft, you want to check all these improvements to restore all your favorite collectibles and deleted items so that you can continue to enjoy the game.

Luckily, it really isn’t that hard. Just you have to make sure that you follow each step to ensure a smooth and hassle-free Wow Item Restoration process.

Mostly, restoring your items is done on a self-service basis. However, if you feel that you have problems after using the service, you can contact Blizzard’s customer support directly.

Hopefully, all the above information that you are described here regarding the Wow Item Restoration has helped you with the now and then process, hence apart from this if you have any issue and related problem then same you can simply drop them in the comment section below.

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