WoW Demon Hunter Kayn or Altruis – Which One Should You Choose?

WoW Demon Hunter Kayn or Altruis – One of the best things about the MMORPG is that you will be able to select the storyline which you want to follow.

In these types of cases along with the world of warcraft, at the end of the demon hunter quest line, you will face choices. The question is who will be your second in command? Kayn or Altruis WoW. 

WoW Demon Hunter Kayn or Altruis

WoW Demon Hunter Kayn or Altruis
WoW Demon Hunter Kayn or Altruis

By selecting one of them doesn’t affect the abilities of the charter and the storyline will not get affected. It will provide complete freedom to the player to simply select the one who loves and not select the one who will provide lots of benefits. 

WoW Demon Hunter Kayn or Altruis

Kayn Sunfury and Altruis are the sufferers who are having completely different ideologies which will provide the second in command. Also, select one of the different effects on the Illidari on fate. Also, the players will get simply confused about what they are picking and whether and there are no consequences to select the one. Here we will tell you some of the differences between the Kayn and Altruis which will be helpful for you to simply decide which one is better for you. 

Kayn Sunfury

Kayn Sunfury is one of the highly loved by lots of players as per the world of warcraft. Also, it doesn’t need to say that it has the best character design and people will definitely love the kayn as he only cares for the result and wants to use necessary things only. He will not care how many enemies he has to slay. 

As the storyline is going to be concerned, you have to kill the akarma to take his soul again. Also, the payer base is mainly related to getting divided. Half of the players said that the akama came up as he betrayed us in the black temple. Also, the other half will think that the kayn is one of the evil behind all this. They mainly believed to select the kayn which means to have a second in the command who will make the bad decisions and affect the fate of Illidari for the worse. 

Kayn mainly focuses on taking revenge on the basis of the story. He will not stop simply considering what is the reason behind the attack on the Illidari. That’s why the people love kayn. They mainly believe that a demon hunter will not support getting reserved. Also, one of the best is loyalty and the Layn will go against the Illidari and people will feel to select the Altruis which will have a traitor lead that people will get betrayed. 

Altruis the Sufferer

As compared to Kayn, lots of people will consider altruis to be wise and also to be mature as well. Also, they believe that altruis is mainly considered for the Illidari fate and we do all the necessary things. The players who love the altruis believe that the kayn will get deluded and don’t think anything of it. The altruis will mainly care about how he achieves the final result apart from the kayn. 

As per the storyline to select the Altruis the sufferer, you are making convincing the Akama to be a part of your team to kill him. But the players think that the Akama must be killed for backstabbing lidar in the black temple. Also, the Akama can prove to be one of the uses in the grand scheme of several things. Players also believe that the Altruis is really nice as compared to the kayn and due to this, they select him to be in the second command. 

This is how you will create a divide in the long run in between the lidar as they understand that the second command is a traitor who left all of them in their time when they need. You have to strive towards the mode unified font. As they will get hatred fostering in the illidari, it will not get extinguished as they will get good revenge. 

Altruis will not be trusted in the midneet of lots of players and they will not be aware that Altruis is one of the singles who is trying to change the way of illidari for the better. Also, he is mainly trying to end the circle or group of the violence but he gets misunderstood and he will be considered a traitor anymore. 

By keeping all these things in your mind, you can be able to select the kayn or altruis as one of your second in command, If you are really worried about the DPS then you don’t need to worry anymore as by selecting anyone of them, it will not affect on the character statistics. The one thing which will change due to this decision is the storyline and you have to select one of them with whom you want to have as your second in command. 


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