GameCube Games on Wii U – How to Play with Nintendont?

If you are here to get to know the process of play GameCube Games on Wii U with Nintendont. which will allow the users to play GameCube games on their Wii U then you are at the right place. With the help of this article, you are going to know all the basic details which will be helpful for you in the future. 

GameCube Games on Wii U – How to Play with Nintendont?

GameCube Games on Wii U

Also, the Nintendo consoles will always leave a lasting impression on its users and the GameCube doesn’t. When the Wii featured backward compatibility, the Wii u didn’t. This is the time when Nintendont takes place. Nintendont comes up with the Homebrew software which will restore the backward compatibility for the GameCube games for the Wii U and also it will add up the extra feature in it to boot. Below, in this article, we are going to share how to play GameCube games on the Wii U with Nintendont

What is Nintendont?

 You need to know that Nintendont is not an emulator as it doesn’t need to emulate the GameCube’s hardware. When the Nintendo will ditch then the GameCube will support the Wii U and also they will flip the virtual switch in the process to turn off the feature. 

Nintendonr will turn on the switchback again and also it will allow the users to run the GameCube at the complete speed. Also, it is possible at the last firmware which will get used on the real Wii and also in the vWii mode into the Wii U which is susceptible to tampering. 

By simply installing the Homebrew channel, it will be possible to simply install and simply run mostly all the things along with the extra applications on the Wii which will also include the great emulators to simply run the Wii. 

Nintendont is one of the bootloaders for the GameCube games on wii usb games. Also, one of the single differences is that the Wii U will not play the real GameCube discs. In a conclusion, you are simply required to resort to disc images. 

Do You Need to Install Nintendont On Your Wii U?

Nintendont is one of the best options for Nintendo Wii U users. Also, this platform is limited by the extra 600 plus titles. It is one of the bug advantages which will add some of the best Wii U titles and also mostly the Wii library. 

Nintendont will also have some of the useful features of the Wii U. 

  • It will allow the local save game storage and also the memory card emulation. 
  • Also, it will support the Bluetooth controllers such as sony PS3 and PS4 controllers. 
  • It also supports the common USB controllers. 
  • You can also be able to use the GameCube controller adapter for the Wii U. 
  • Also, the force games are in the process to use the higher video resolution and also the output in the 16:9. 
  • Also, you will get complete access to the database cheat. 

Nintendont will also get installed on the Nintendo Wii which will allow the users to simply use the real GameCube discs. Also, the Wii U will spit the small 8Cm discs easily. For the users of Wii U, the gamecube games on wii u virtual console titles are required to get ripped into the file of the disk image. In the process to ensure, you are required to have the original, and also the piracy IS illegal.

If you are the Wii owner then you have to install nintendont to add support for the controllers and also the graphic enhancement. Also, the Wii owners will be able to use the real gamecube games on wii usb loader memory cards. 

Also, simply installing the nintendont means that you will be able to use the console in a new manner. 

Install the Homebrew Channel on Your Wii or Wii U

In order to install the nintendont on the Wii U or on the Wii, you are required to simply install the homebrew channel. Also, there are some new methods to complete this, but it is one of the smart ways to simply stick to the latest options. This is a really easy process for many years and also you can be able to spend less time ha**ing your Nintendo. 

The major thing is to ensure that the nintendont doesn’t need any of the extra USB loaders, cIOS revisions, or also other tweaks. You are also required to get your console in a simple state where you install the Homebrew Channel. 

Apart from the console which you are using, you are required to download some of the files and then you have to add them to the SD card. Make sure that the card must need to be less than 8GB. When you install the homebrew channel then you will be able to use the larger SD card and also the USB stick into your console. If you’re having the homebrew channel installed already then you may be able to skip this step. 

Install Nintendont On The Nintendo Wii U

If you already have installed the Homebrew in your Nintendo then you have to follow the steps which we are sharing below:

  • You have to format an SD card which must need to be a maximum of 8GB to the Fat32. 
  • Now, you have to download the icon.png, meta.xml, and also the loader.dol. 
  • Now, simply save their folder in your SD card which is known as apps/nintendont/
  • You have to rename the loader.dol as the boot.dol. 
  • In the SD card root, you have to create a new folder which is known as /games. 
  • Simply copy the GameCube game files into the /games/ directory. 
  • Then, you have to insert the SD card into the Wii U. 
  • After this, you have to start the Homebrew Channel and then you have to select the Nintendont, and then simply load the GameCube title. 

Nintendont Features and Tweaks

When the nintendont is running in your device, you are required to select the SD or the USB storage and also the real media as well. Also, there is a set menu that you can also explore. Some of the settings are available, which you have to enable like:

  • Memcard Elumation: You have to use your USB or the SD device in the process to store the games. 
  • Force Widescreen: Self-explanatory may break things. 
  • Force Progressive: You have to use the 480p always which may also break things. 
  • Auto Boot: it will allow the users to resume their last game which you are playing at the time of launching the Nintendont. 
  • Native Control: It will enable the support for the GameCube accessories of a Wii such as a Game Boy Advance link cable. Also, you have to disable this in the process to use the other USB controller with the Nintendont. 
  • Patch PAS50: It is really worth trying it if you can’t get some of the games to work well as the Super Mario games. 

By using the settings screen, you can be able to simply access the update menu. You have to select the download in the process to use the USB controller such as the PS4 controller. When you install them successfully then the Nintendont will find the USB controller to connect. 

Playing Nintendo GameCube Games On The Wii

As we said earlier, Nintendont can also run Homebrew on the Nintendo Wii. Also, in some ways, it is highly preferred. The real Wii will play the GameCube discs where they are completely incompatible with the Wii U. So, you can simply be able to install the Homebrew channel and also be able to set the Nintendont on your SD card as we have discussed above. After this, you have to simply insert your favorite old gamecube games on wii u reddit disc and then simply start playing it well. 

Also, it means that if you are having both of the consolder then you will be able to use the Nintendo Wii to rip your gamecube games on wii u eshop discs. Also, you can use a tool which is known as Cleanrip in the process to save the SIM file into the apps/directory by using the Nintendont. 

Simply open the CleanRip by using the Nintendont on the Wii along with the GameCube game disc inserted. Also, the disc will be ripped and gets saved into the SD card. 

Can Your Wii U Play GameCube Games? Yes It Can!

You need to know that the gamecube games on wii u gamepad are one of the celebrated systems along with lots of exclusives that are really worth checking out or revisiting as well.

Some of the gamecube games on wii u controller which you may want to play are Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros, and also The Legend of Zelda Also, the wind waker as well. Don’t forget about the best Metroidvania games tool as well. 

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If you want to play Gamecube games but don’t have a Nintendo Wii or Wii U then you must use the steps or methods which we have shared above to get rid of your problem. If this article helps you to get to know the process of how to play GameCube games on your Wii U with nintendo then let us know the usefulness of this article.

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