How Long is Final Fantasy 15?

How Long is Final Fantasy 15 – Final Fantasy 15 is developed and published by Square Enis as part of the Final Fantasy game series. It is a role-playing action game and it is relayed in the year 2016 for the PlayStation and Xbox One also in the year 2018, it gets released for Microsoft windows as well. This game mainly features an action-based battle system and has an open-world background. 

When we talk about it during beating the final fantasy, 15 differ depending on the individual playing style. You can simply power your way by the game in less than 48 hours.

How Long is Final Fantasy 15

How Long is Final Fantasy 15

So, here in this article, we will tell you how long to beat final fantasy 15 and why.

How Long is Final Fantasy 15

For you to simply complete the main objective in final fantasy 15, you need nearly 40 hours of gameplay. Some of the reports claim that you need to have 20 hours of gameplay to complete the main story and 35 hours of gameplay for the sidequests. This sum up a total of 55 hours of gameplay. 

Everybody plays in a different manner and the players may not get all the final fantasy 15 missions. Having more than 40 hours of gameplay will not be surprising to final fantasy fans. At the Square Enix event held at E3 in June 2016, the final fantasy 15 director confirmed the time of gameplay. Hajime Tabata who is the director of Final Fantasy 15 confirms that the gameplay is between 40 to 50 hours. 

Why is Final Fantasy Long?

The gameplay time of final fantasy 15 is affected by the player. When you play this game without listening to the conversation then its gameplay time will get reduced and when you focus on the game then you will simply enjoy it a lot and have more time for gameplay. Final Fantasy 15 is mainly designed to take a long for the fans to simply have the extra time to simplify its playing. 

Final Fantasy 15 Best Features

This game is having some of the best features which are as follows:

  • The World: Final Fantasy 15 is one of the games which feature open-world gameplay. Also, it features a huge world map with no loan screen to interrupt in this game. In this series, you can simply be able to run, walk or also be able to take a train in the virtual world. You can’t go anywhere you like at the game because of some of the restrictions on the places to visit. It is to simply ensure that you follow the story of the game. 
  • Cover System: When you play final fantasy 15 then you can simply duck behind the object to simply protect yourself from being damaged by the other players. It also features lots of objects where you can simply be able to duck when you are in danger. 
  • Driving: It is one of the main feature square axes which is trying to fit into the final fantasy 15. Here in this game, you can go on a virtual road trip with your friends when you occasionally stop to simply battle with some of the monsters or also to explore the environment. 


  • Is Final Fantasy 15 Easy?

I think as compared to most of the other Final fantasy games, this game is quite easy. I played the complete game with a little grinding and also flew through the main story in an easy manner. The bug option boss will be beaten around level 70-80 and also give how easy it is to level up in this game which I find to be extremely easy. 

  • Is Final Fantasy 15 Worth Playing?

As the final fantasy game, it is not as impactful as it has been and when we recommend people who are looking to get in the game to check out the royal edition with the inclusion of all the DLCs for the whole and also the complete experience, the base game is truly not worth playing. 

  • Is FF15 Open World?

Final Fantasy XV is one of the open world action role playing games where the players will take the control of the protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum during their journey across the world of Eos. 

  • How Big Is The World In The Final Fantasy 15?

With a popular open world of more than 700 square miles, Final Fantasy 15 is one of the big contenders for one of the biggest explorable games in the world and ends up on the list.

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Final Verdict

Final Fantasy 15 is one of the best in the Final Fantasy series. When you play this game then it is highly required to complete the main story and also the sidequests for you to simply enjoy the game and also to follow the story accordingly.

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