How Much Money Can You Make with Mobile Games?

How Much Money Can You Make with Mobile Games – As you know, the mobile app industry has reached the next level because of the popularity of smartphones and the increase in technology?

In the year 2017, 80% of the app revenue will come from gaming apps for iOS and Android devices. The mobile gaming industry earns $50 billion in global gaming revenue. 

In the year 2007-2008, the app market was new and fresh and publishing apps is not the single aim to earn money. Projects are also created with the passion for your craft and at that time, there are two methods to make the game app or to make it with the agency or pay android or IOS game developers USA to make it. 

How Much Money Can You Make with Mobile Games?

How Much Money Can You Make with Mobile Games

Currently, the mobile app industry is growing rapidly every year in size and money will also get earned from mobile apps.

Here in this article on “How Much Money Can You Make with Mobile Games”, I am going to provide you with top 3 methods to earn money from mobile games. 

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Best Ways to Make Money with Mobile Games

The amount of earning revenue of an app depends upon the monetization strategy. As per the status, in the year 2017, the major app publisher for mobile gamers worldwide is Net marble games and in September 2017, he earned $58.47 million for the game on the Google Play Store.

For the non-gaming app, in October 2017, LINE corporation earned nearly $11.79 million from the apps which were installed on android devices. 

It shows that there is a large difference in the revenue depending upon the type of app and the top games will earn more than the non-gaming apps. There is huge competition in the gaming world so it is tough for you to compete with the industry leaders. The industry leaders are earning millions of dollars monthly from one platform and consider the future projections of worldwide mobile app revenue in future. 

Top 3 Methods to Make Money with Smartphone Gaming

  • Extreme Work Ethic

It has nothing to do with any type of app or any type of hack or trick and if you don’t have a work ethic then you are not able to stick to that which needs earning money with mobile games.

You need to ensure that you are passionate about making mobile games. Are you able to sacrifice enjoyable distractions to create your new game? Putin, the time and the best work is no longer an option as they will become a necessity right now. 

For work ethics, if your game is for android devices then you can be able to hire the best development company for android games and if your game is for the iOS platform then you can simply hire iOS game developers USA. You need to know that the trusted partners will really care about making the games and are willing to give the best possible experience to the users. 

  • Advertisement

In-app advertising is one of the famous methods to earn money and to do this in an effective manner, you are required to do the proper research for the users. In terms of getting the money you are required to align your ads with the products and services which they need.

The apps will be displayed at the right time to become more effective. Also, the advertising is the best method to earn front the free apps without the in-app purchases into the app store. 

  • Subscription

The concept of the membership is completely direct and effective as well. You will charge the users for the particular period and monthly and annual subscriptions are the common method to earn the revenue.

There are lots of free apps and they charge the different subscription packages and different monthly rates for the in-app purchases. The users can also be able to pay $11.99 per month or $79.99 per year as well. 

As per a report, subscription based apps will make 50% more money per user as compared to other types of in-app shopping apps. The best method to earn more money with the subscription app is to simply target the larger audience.

You are required to have the creative developer team or also the android game development company USA which can be able to do the better job to improve your apps and to keep relevant to the customers as well. 

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Final Verdict

With the help of the mobile game app, you can be able to earn lots of money but how much money your app earns will depend upon lots of factors like platform, type of app and revenue strategy.

The technology involved to create the mobile app will be overwhelming and if you are not sure about how to spend and use your resources then there are lots of online resources which will make your experience worthy.

You can also be able ro hire the android game development team to simply increase the revenue of your mobile game app. Hiring iOS game developers in the USA is also effective and they will provide you with effective results as well.

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