How to Design a Video Game Characters – Complete Tutorial

The design of a video game needs a proper plot and also the fun gameplay and also it needs to have attractive and solid character development. The designers and writers of the game come up with the story of the characters and the motivations as well. The concept of the character of an artist will create the initial sketches for the gaming characters and also for the enemies in the game and then they will create the digital art as an animate object in the world of the game. 

If you really want to know how to design a video game character then you are at the right place. This article will help you to know about all the major aspects which are required to design a character in a video game. You need to read this article till the end so that you can easily be able to know all the details properly. 

How to Design a Video Game Characters – Complete Tutorial

How to Design a Video Game Characters

Playing video games is really fun and one of the best ways to spend time. But, I have to think about designing a video game and designing the game character. If you don’t have any idea about it then this article is something important for you. So, keep reading this article and understand everything properly. 

What Makes a Good Video Game Character?

The writers, designers, and also the character artist of the game need to work together in terms to develop a funny and attractive character. Also, a best video game character needs to have some of the elements which will help them to work well. 

  • Solid BlackStory

You need to know that a best video game character must need to have a personality and also their backstory which is sufficient for the player to get a good sense of the needs and wants of the people. Also, they need to have enough information to ignite the curiosity of the player to find more. 

  •  Strong Motivation

As you know, a good character is something which is motivational and also unique in terms of expression. Also, you have to define the character’s history and also the game relationship which will be helpful for the motivations. 

  • Evokes Sympathy

The character needs to resonate along with the player and also need to have empathy and emotion and become someone who can be able to connect themselves in the game and also with the characters can come off as shallow, cliche or either boring which can be a result as a negative video gaming experience. 

How to Design a Video Game Character

As you know that character will make or also break the experience of gaming. By keeping this thing in mind, here we are going to share some of the few elements which are required to contribute to the design of video game characters. 

  • Get a General Idea

You need to find out the required character for the story of the game. Also, simply begin with the broader strokes before digging into the specifications. Are they an insincere trackster or a serious mage? You need to use the inspiration from other artists of the game and also the real character in terms to generate unique ideas and also to inform the process of creation. After getting a proper idea, you have to simply start refining the details. 

  • Establish Backstory

As you know, a strong story is one of the major factors for a good character. Also, some of the backstory is related to the beginning of the game. A backstory doesn’t mean to be in-depth into the details of the life which is required to end the game. Defining the history of the game character and also the relationship with others to help you to understand the character in a better way. If they want to get into the action or they want to be driven by the family’s insistence. Getting a better idea about the character, in the beginning, will be helpful to inform the potential of the character, and also they are required to grow and develop whenever it is possible. 

  • Figure Out Their Arc

After figuring out the beginning of the character or the ending of the character, you can simply be able to establish the chance with the way. Also, you have to create an emotional and also physical journey to undertake and also to know about the effectiveness of the elements of the protagonist and also the characters as well. You need to know about how your character reacts and the problems of the conflict which will help to know about the players and also to understand the empathy of the behavior in the whole game. 

  • Add Character Traits

Like in film, tv, and also literature, the character traits are really important in terms of the creation of the character. Also, you need to make a quirks list of your character and also everything which makes a tick. You need to give traits to the character which make sense for the personality which you are creating.

Also, you need to make your character feel like a real person which will be helpful for you to bring them into the life of the player and also leading to the stronger player and a dynamic player to get the best experience of gaming. 

  • Define Relationships

The design of the character of the game will be completely based upon how they look and also how they sound. Also, your character will be defined by the relationship with the other players. Are they abrasive to the teammates and also to the characters of the non-player or are they friendly with other people? Do they talk a lot or are they anti-social? All these relationships will be helpful to flesh out about the character and also how they are operating in this world and to allow the player to know about the behavior and actions. 

  • Provide an Aesthetic That Fits

There are lots of video games that have pre-established character designers and also some of them will become iconic from many years. Also, Mario which is one of the titular protagonists from Super Mario is having some of the iconic aesthetic and he is remarkable for those who are unfamiliar with video games. 

Some of the gamers such as role-playing will leave the aesthetic on the player and also it will allow them to easily customize the character with the different types of features. Also, you can be able to change everything about the armor-like what they wear and also the size of their nose, and also the sound which occurs while fighting. 

If you pre-establish the design or if you leave it up to the player then it will match with the world which you have created. The aesthetic is having the complete essence of the character and also it will help the player to immerse the player in a depth into the narrative game. 


So, how helpful this article is for you in terms of getting to know about how to design a video game characters. If this article helps you to know all the steps and details in a better way then let us know by dropping a comment below. Also, in case of any difficulty or issue, feel free to connect with us in the comment section or also by using our contact us page.

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