How Much Does a Video Game Designer Make a Month?

How Much Does a Video Game Designer Make a Month – When I tell someone that I am a videogame designer then I find many people who say how desperately they want to be a videogame designer.

They show their love for games, and also they start talking about games and also they read about the games as well as become so passionate about the games. 

Also, I encourage those people to simply follow their passion. But also I describe to them how hard a job it could be at a point. The next question which takes place is how much do video game designers make?

How Much Does a Video Game Designer Make a Month?

How Much Does a Video Game Designer Make a Month

If you are here to get to know the answer about video game designer salary in us then you need to keep reading this article till the end to know the answer to this question. 

How Much Does a Video Game Designer Make a Month?

Yes, it is a good question but it is also a complicated one. Do you need to know that the video game designer salary in California will depend upon various factors like where the studio is located? How big is the company? What is the developing platform? If you are a single contributor or a leader then you need to know that the job of game designers varies a lot from studio to studio. 

The salary of video game designers varies from $50,000 to $100,000 annually. Also, there are some companies that pay a bit more to their designers. 

Game Designer Salary: Factors

Like the other jobs, the salaries of game designers get increased on the basis of their experience and also on the basis of the title of their job. Also, to become a designer, you are required to learn lots of things and have to get lots of experience as well because experienced designers can work in a faster manner and also be able to create the best results. It doesn’t mean that they don’t make mistakes, they also make mistakes but only a few ones which they can rectify quickly. 

It is a worthwhile job as designers will get paid because of their great ideas. Do you have a good game idea? Do you do research on it and it is capable of making you rich if you get hired only as a designer? You need to think over it again. It is not how it works.

Basically, the development of a video game is teamwork and also there are dozens of great ideas that take place for designing a video game. In your team, everyone is having a unique idea and lots of them are better than yours. The salary of a designer is based upon how they build a fun game as a part of a team and not as a creative person who works alone.

Search for Game Design Jobs

There are lots of design jobs available around us but they all have different names which will depend upon their state, country, and also the company of the game. You need to try to search for the title jobs like “game designer”, “level designer”, or the “content designer”. 

Game Designer Salary: Details

So, now have a look at the numbers in a proper detailed manner. Basically, these are the figures from three different sources which are, Game Developer Magazines annual salary survey, and also on the basis of my observation as well along with my personal experience as the designer of the game. 

One method to break the number is to have a look at the experience. Below, we are sharing the average salaries of the game designers along with several years of experience. 

You need to know that there is no data for the Game designers who have less than 3 years of experience. It is because designers rarely get promotions and become a leader in the first few years of their career. 

We are also sharing the different breakdowns of the number to get to know every game design salary on the basis of the title of the job. It is most useful as it provides a salary range. Also, it has job titles of many years which are more closely on the flow of game design careers. You don’t get a promotion as you are doing this job for a short period of time. You will get the promotion on the basis of the work quality and also the number of projects you can handle. 

If we talk about the associate game designer it is applied to the designers who start their career. Also, the standard “game designer” moniker will be an established designer in their career. There are also some of the sub-titles like “level-designer”, “combat designer” or the “systems designer” which come under an umbrella. 

Lots of companies are having 2 different paths which can be taken by the designer. Also, they can continue as a separate contributor or they can also be able to become a team leader or a part of the designing team as well. Their salary ranger is so similar. 

Other Factors That Affect Game Designer Salary

The number which we shared above are the averages of lots of video game designer salary Activision which are very general. If we talk about reality then there are some of the other factors which will help the designers to beat the average. 

  • Company/Studio Size: Basically the big companies are having a bigger budget for the projects and also it will allow the companies to pay a higher amount to the designer. Like, website, which is having some of the senior designers being paid $125,000 a year which is a good amount in terms of video game designer salary in Canada. 
  • Educational Background: The new designers of games who came in the gaming industry from several paths. Also, one of the main paths which helps them to get a higher salary, in the beginning, is to have a degree in stage design from any recognized university or college. Also, the designers who come from the design school have a portfolio of games that they make during their college days. It will provide confidence to the employer towards the ability of the designer. 
  • The sector of the Game Industry: Also, there are some other fields available in the industry of games. Some of them are to pay more money to their game designer says that there are many companies that pay $170,000 to the designers to make a ga**ling game. 

Should I Become A Game Designer?

If you are really passionate about making games and if you want to become a game designer and pursue it as your career then we hope that the above details are helpful to you to know about the video game designer salary per hour. Designing video games is not only a fun job but also is one of the best methods to make a living.

There are millions of jobs available which will allow you to earn $100,000 per year while looking for an answer on How Much Does a Video Game Designer Make a Month. In my opinion, if you become a videogame designer then you will achieve lots of success in your life.


  • Do Game Designers Get Paid?

Video game designers mainly earn a great wage as compared to the national average. The top ten percent of the designers earn more than $130,000 per year and the lowest ten percent of the video game designers also earn a great wage which is $40,000 per year. 

  • How Much Do Sony Game Designers Make?

The average salary of a game designer is $79,157 per year in the United States of America which is 19% lower than the average sony salary of $97,587 per year for this job. 

  • What Career is Best for Gamers?

If you are having the commitment, skills, and also drive to immerse yourself in the video game world then the possibilities are endless. 

  • Games Designer
  • Software developer and game programmer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Games Animator
  • Interpreters and Translators
  • Game Play Tester
  • Professional Gamer
  • Is Video Games a Good Career?

There are lots of jobs in gaming and all the industries are mainly tied to playing video games. Yes, learning the code, design or test is hard work and it will take a long time but it is high in demand and a well paid career option for those who master the involved skills. 

  • Is It Hard to Get a Job In Game Design?

The correct answer is that some of the game jobs are easy to get and others can be tough as well. For the game jobs, it is impossible to get hired as a full-time employee. 

  • Does Game Design Need Coding?

The best game designer has a huge range of skills and it doesn’t have to be programming it will be some of the other game developer areas such as art, creative writing, or the user experience. The best advice may be to learn more about everything. 

  • Is a Career in Game Design Worth It?

Yes, a bachelor in game design is really worth it for lots of students. The bureau of labor statistics is projecting the employment growth in computer system design and also the related services, mainly 22% in the applications software development industry, for more than 10 years. 

  • What did Do Game Designers need?

Most video game designers are having a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, multimedia design, or te related fields. Some universities provide a degree specifically for video game design and usually it includes software engineering, 2D or 3D animation, programming languages, and also computer design as well. 

  • What Are the Cons of Being a Game Designer?

  • There is no guarantee of success
  • Competitive for the entry level positions. 
  • Needs a high level of knowledge of the entry level positions. 
  • Requires the high turnover rates at large companies. 
  • Spending long hours at the end of the projects. 
  • Portfolio diversification. 
  • Getting Experience. 
  • How Stressful is Being a Game Developer?

For the video game developer, life may be tough and the working hours are quite long as well with lots of bursts of so-called crunch time in which the developer may pull the consecutive all nighters in terms to complete the project without getting the overtime payment.

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