How to Make a Video Game for Free? [A Right Way]

When people start asking me about How to Make a Video Game for Free then my answer is always the same and is said: “ Just Start and Start Today”. The only method to get to know about how to make a video game is to make a video game. As soon as you begin, you will learn the required skills and also you will be able to see the surprise on your friend’s faces the very first time when they play a game which is made by you. 

How to Make a Video Game for Free?

How to Make a Video Game for Free

But, you may ask yourself what is the first step to take? What are the required tools? How can I learn all the skills needed to design and create my first game?

Don’t worry! It may seem overwhelming at the very first time but you are not the only one if you don’t know the programming and also if you didn’t make a game earlier. With the help of these three game creation tools, you will be able to get in a fast manner and also help all the steps away. 

Stencyl: Create Amazing Games Without Code

Stencyl is mainly one of the fastest and easiest tools to make your first game as you don’t need to understand how to write any code. It will provide the drag and drop options where you can use the predefined blocks of the game logic to simply assemble your game world and also the creatures as well. There are lots of ready blocks or also, you can be able to download the blocks which will provide the Stencyl users.

Another benefit of Stencly is that it will allow the users to simply create games for various platforms like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Flash, Windows, and also for the mac games which can easily get created with the help of the Stencyl. Also, the company of the game claims that the games created with Stencyl have made it to the top spots on the app store. 

  • Publish iPhone, iPad, Android, Flash, Windows, and Mac games. 
  • No coding is required. 
  • The best drag and drop interface. 
  • Make money by simply selling your game or selling in-game digital tools. 
  • Free for flash publishing, other platforms need purchasing the license. 

GameMaker Studio: Create Cross-Platform Games Fast

GameMaker Studio is one of the powerful tools for the professional game developer but it is really easy to use as the newbies will easily get the speed in a quick manner. GameMaker Studio will provide the drag and drop feature which helps the users to simply create the game logic. Also, it will provide an options scripting language which is known as GML which is one of the best methods to begin learning programming when you are ready. When I work in a handheld game studio, some of the famous designers will use the GameMaker Studio in terms to quickly prototype the new ideas for the game and by this, they don’t have any idea about how to do programming. 

So after understanding the features of GameMaker, you will get your answer on “How to Make a Video Game for Free”.

Key Features of GameMaker Studios

  • For the entry-level novices and the seasoned game development professionals. 
  • It is mainly developed for the mobile, console, and also for the desktop or web as well. 
  • It is having the drag and drop interface or the script with the help of the GML. 
  • It will support the professional teams which will also include monetization, analytics, and also collaboration features as well. 
  • It gives the free version or also the paid version to simply unlock the professional features. 

The GameMaker studio boasts features for the best visual effects and also the realistic physics and networking for multiplayer gaming and the other features which you can be able to use as per your wish. You don’t need to be fancy for the first game and finishing your project is one of the major tasks as compared to figuring out the fancy features. 

The three-game engines which we are sharing in this article, Unity is one of the hardest ones to understand but it is also one of the most powerful tools. As it completely features a 3D game engine, it is one of the lovely ones by indie developers and also by professional game studios as well. 

In terms of helping to learn curves, it is also having some of the best tutorials. Also, their instructional videos and the step by step lesson will help you to know the basics of the game and the level design as well and also they will gently bring you from “ I know nothing about making a game”  to “I am a video game development superhero” until I stick with it. 

Unity’s Key Features Include:

  • It helps to create games for more than 20 platforms. 
  • It has a powerful 3D editor interface. 
  • Code in C# or JavaScript. 
  • Professionals tools available like ads, analytics, and also profiling as well. 
  • It has a free personal edition. 

Additionally, if you know about unity then it will become easy for the users to simply get hired as the game designer. Also, more game studios will use Unity every time. 

In terms of downloading Unity and understanding how to make your first video game, you have to make a visit to Unity Your First Game. 

Now, Go and Get Started

As with several things in life, the toughest thing to make a game is to get started. This is why the only method which you are going to understand and if you are willing to make the games for a living someday, then you will have to begin it now. 

Simply download one of the game engines which we have listed about and then simply start creating a game. 

Start here and also start now before you understand about it. You will show your first video game to your buddies and also watch their face when they lighten up when they find out that the game is designed by you. 

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Final Verdict:

So, we have shared all the details about How to Make a Video Game for Free with these free tools then do share this article with other people so that they also gets benefited with this article. Also, if you have any issue or query related to this article then feel free to connect with us by simply dropping a comment in the comment section given-below. We assure you to provide you with more details about it.

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