How To Reset Valor Rank in Destiny 2 – Gamer’s Guide

How to Reset Valor Rank in Destiny 2: If you are one of the golden players of Destiny 2 then you must notice one thing that you are gaining the ranking by just playing the matches. Basically these rankings go from the Guardian (0) all the way and goes up to Legend (1800) but what will happen if you hit the maximum rank? In that case, you are required to simply reset your Valor rank and then you again need to start reaching those ranks. 

If you know the resetting process then it’s really good but if you don’t know then simply read this article to understand the complete process of how to restart Valor rank in Destiny 2. 

How to Reset Valor Rank in Destiny 2

how to reset valor rank

When you reach  the top rank which we can say is legend rank which is (1800) then you need to know that this is the last rank which you can achieve. Also, you need to keep going or playing till you reach the maximum point which is 2000 where a “Max Rank” image starts appearing on your display. 

Then, you are required to hover over a valor activity which is available in the Crucible directory and then you simply need destiny 2 chaperone reset valor rank. Also, you need to hold the X on Xbox, Square on PS4, X on Google Staida and also the left mouse button on PC. You are also required to reset the valor rank by which you can start leveling up again and get the valor rank reset rewards by doing this. 

Reset Valor Rank in Destiny 2 – Step by Step Guide

If you want to go over those steps then simply go through with the below-given steps. 

  • First of all, you need to Reach Legend Valor Rank.
  • Then, Keep playing until you hit 2000 points. 
  • Hover over a QuickPlay playlist in the Crucible directory and then hold your particular button. 
  • So, finally, your valor rank is reset now. 

Now, here we achieve it. We finally learned about the process of reset valor rank in Destiny 2. Simply start running around this crucible game again and start achieving those rewards by simply reaching the top ranks.

How to Reset Valor Rank in Destiny 2?

When you achieve the 2,000 valor points then you can simply be able to reset the valor rank. You can simply be able to do this several times as per your desire. You have to simply repeat the process at the time when you hit the 2,000 points again. 

  • First of all, you have to enter into orbit and then you have to open the map. 
  • Then you need to simply move on to the Crucible option and then simply select it. 
  • You have to hover your cursor on any of the available game modes. 
  • You will see a small window that will show you the valor rank. 
  • If you are having 2,000 points then there you will see a button that will allow you to simply reset the valor rank. 
  • You just simply need to click on the button in terms to simply reset your rank. 

When your valor rank gets higher then you will be able to get more and more rewards. Also, all the rewards which you receive from the Lord Shaxx will be based upon the rand and also some of the rewards are mainly tied upon how many times you perform for a rank reset. For every valor rank increase, you will receive a crucible engram which you are required to get decrypted by the cryptarch. After this, you will get the reward quickly. 

Resetting your rank for the very first time will provide you an ornament for your guardian helmet. Also, next time, you will get the rewards with the exotic ghost shell and you will be able to show it in the off-game by simply using it. Also, to get the powerful weapons, there are some of the quests and also the triumphs which get linked with the rand assets. When the season ends then your valor rank will also get reset automatically. There is no particular method to prevent it as the new season is having its separate rewards. 

Additional FAQs

Can You Reset Glory Rank?

Yes, you can simply be able to reset the glory rank and the steps to do this are really easy and simple. Also, one of the only differences between them is that you are able to highlight the game mode in the competitive list and when you see the glory rank then you will see the option to reset it simply only if you are having the required points. 

Also, the small window will also appear in the highlighting form will help you to get to know about which button you have to press. The option will also appear at the time when you are having enough points and due to this, you will simply be able to play lots of competitive matches also.

Also, if you achieve the highest rank of glory then you will also have to play the three competitive matches in a week. If you don’t do this then you will experience the rank decays and you are required to simply fight again in order to be on the legendary rank. Also, it will provide you an incentive to play competitive matches. 

At the end of every season, your Glory rank and also the points will get reset and it is completely similar to the Valor points and you will not be able to prevent the reset. As with the Valor Rank, the Glory rank will also get linked with some of the rewards which you are able to get by the Lord Shaxx. Also, the Glory Rank will also get linked with some of the new weapons and these will change from season to season. 

How Do You Get the Best Gear in Destiny 2?

When I am writing this, Bungie has made a dreaming city, and also the moon is also available again. There are lots of activities mainly in the dreaming city which will provide lots of great rewards. Also, these weapons and the armor are completely relevant to the metagame. One of the best parts of this is that you don’t have to spend as much time and their mission is quite short as well. 

Their Iron banner PvP weapons will also uphold the latest standards and apart from grinding the other missions, you can simply be able to tackle the iron banner and be able to get some of the useful armor as well. It may be annoying sometimes for some of the players but the rewards which you will get are really worth it. 

The nightfalls are also one of the best ways to get some of the resources and guns and also the guns are having a rotation by which you can be able to schedule the playtime in terms to accommodate for this. Also, the quests are one of the best ways to get the powerful gear and you will be hanging on the weapons when you progress in this game. You can simply be able to dismantle all of them when you upgrade it.

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