PS4 Won’t Turn On No Light No Beep Error

PS4 Won’t Turn On No Light No Beep Error: It doesn’t matter how good PlayStation 4 is because it is still having lots of errors in it. It is having lots of internal issues which was witnessed by this gaming console for many years. Sony, which is one of the biggest companies in terms of Playstations, tries to fix many types of these errors. So, in this case, today we are going to tell you one of these errors which was reported by lots of users which is known as PS4 won’t turn on. With the help of this article, you will get to know all the basic steps which help you to get rid of this error. 

PS4 Won’t Turn On No Light No Beep Error

PS4 Won't Turn On No Light No Beep

This is not a common error and lots of PlayStation players face this error. We know that it feels really bad when you get some time from your hectic schedule to play a game but it gets interrupted due to some error, then how bad you feel at that time. So, if you are facing this PS4 Won’t Turn On No Light No Beep Error then you don’t need to worry about it as here in this article, we are going to share some of the best and proven solutions which help you to get rid of PS4 won’t turn on no light no beer error in an easy and quick manner.

So, simply begin this article to know more about the PS4 not turning on no light no beep, and also about some of the reasons behind this error. This article helps you to understand some of the common reasons behind this PS4 won’t turn on an error and also helps you to understand the basic methods to fix this error. 

What is “PS4 Won’t Turn On” Error?

PS4 won’t turn on error is one of the errors which is also known as Playstation Blue Light of Death. When you get this error, then you will see that there is no audio and video output is available. Only you will see a pulsing blue light. Mostly you will get this error at the time, when you start playing a game and then, your console stops. After this, it doesn’t start and when you face this type of situation then you can simply try to use the troubleshooting method which we are sharing in this article. 

Why Won’t My PS4 Turn On?

The reasons due to which this error takes place are not as common. Because of these reasons, you will start getting the PlayStation 4 won’t turn on error.

  • Power Outage: This is one of the common errors due to which you will see that your PS4 won’t turn on. 
  • Power Cord: It may happen that the power cord of your PS4 is not plugged in properly into the PS4 console and in this case, you need to plug that cord into your gaming console properly. Simply push the cord and if it is still loose then you are required to replace that cord with a new power cord. 
  • Bugs: By saying bugs, we don’t mean that there is any virus attack on your PS4 but there is some issue of bugs such as cockroaches, etc. If you feel that there might be a bug infestation issue at your place then it may be possible that these bugs will be the reason for some internal damage in your console. So, you need to remove those bugs but maybe it doesn’t work as you are not sure that there is any internal damage. Also, the PS4 is one of the best for bugs. So if you want to fix the issue of your PS4 then, you need to simply get rid of the bugs in a permanent manner. 
  • Power Strip: When you plug your PS4 with the power circuit in a direct manner then it may be the reason behind PS4 won’t power error. So, don’t use the power strip and don’t plug the console into the power strip because it may result in no power error. When you plug it directly then it may be that there is an issue internally or externally. 
  • Bad Power Button: Lots of times, the power button is one of the reasons behind not turning on the console. It is because the touch-sensitive button of your PS4 console gets damaged or miss-positioned because they are so sensitive. 
  • Faulty Power Supply: Many times, the power supply becomes faulty and in this case, the power supply components become bad and also they become the major reasons behind the PS4 won’t turn on in error. 

How to Fix PS4 Won’t Turn On Problem

If you really want to fix the blue light of death error of PlayStation 4 then you are required to simply follow the below-given steps which are completely proven to help you to get rid of this error. Simply have a look and follow: 

  • Solution 1: Unplug and then Plug in the PS4 Cable. 
  • Solution 2: Fix Your Hard Drive Problems
  • Solution 3: Check for TV incompatibility Issues
  • Solution 4: Boot your PS4 in Safe Mode
  • Unplug and then Plug the PS4 Cable

  1. First of all, you need to click on the power button and power of your PS4. Keep Pressing it till it gets power off. Also, make sure that your console is getting forward while doing this process. 
  2. Now, you need to unplug all the cables from your PS4 console. All the cables mean you need to unplug HDMI cable, Power Cable, USB Cable, and also the optical cable as well. 
  3. Now, you are required to plug in the power cable and make sure to not plug another cable with it. 
  4. After this, you need to click on the power button until you will listen to the beep sound twice in a row. Your device will beep once and after a few seconds, it beeps again. Now, you will see that blue light will change into white light. 
  5. Then, you need to plug in the HDMI cable and make sure that when you are doing this, the White light is on and also your TV is on.
  • Fix Your Hard Drive Problems

By fixing the errors of the Hard drive helps the users to get rid of ps4 will not turn on no light no beep error in most cases. To do this process, simply follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, you need to disconnect your PS4 power cable and also you need to slide the bay cover of the hard drive which you are using. It will be available on the left-hand side of the PS4. 
  • Now, you need to simply check that the hard drive is inserted properly or not. 
  • After this, simply remove it and then, you can simply reset that hard disk in a proper manner so that your console will start again. 

This is one of the easier methods which helps you to reset your hard drive. If you need then, you can simply try to replace the hard drive. Also, if you are looking for some more replacement then you need to make sure that your hard drive must be 160 Gb or above and also, in thickness, it doesn’t need to be more than 9.5mm. 

  • Check for TV Incompatibility Issues

If you are still getting the “PS4 wont turn on” error with no light and no beep then it may be still an issue.

It may be that the firmware of your TV is having some fault in it and that’s why it is creating issues. So, before you start following the next method in the process to fix this error, you are required to simply check the firmware of your TV. Simply try to update it and if the issue still takes place then you must need to move the next method to fix this error. 

  • Boot Your PS4 in Safe Mode

In most cases, resetting the hard drive helps to fix this ps4 will not turn on no light no beep but if you replace it with a new one then it worlds perfectly. But, due to some issue, if it is not working then you can simply try to boot your PS4 in Safe mode. To do this process, simply follow the below-given steps where we share the complete guide.

  • You need to hold the power button for approx 10 seconds.
  • Now, after holding the key, you will hear a beep sound, After that, you will hear the beep sound again within 7 seconds. 
  • Now, the console will boot in the 480p graphics mode. Now, you need to update your system software and then, simply restore the original system settings. 

This process will take care of all the pending updates. You need to try this method in the last because when you do this process then your system will get formatted completely and all the data of your system will get erased. 

PS4 Won’t Turn On White Light

If due to some error, your PS4 won’t turn on and has a white light then it means that your console is damaged. The best method to fix this is to take it to some professional service.

In simple, if you are trying to fix your PS4 not turning on by using the above-given steps and your Tv doesn’t remember the system then the white light takes place which is an indicator that your console is required to get fixed by some of the professionals. 

PS4 Won’t Turn On, Beep 3 Times

If you are facing the PS4 won’t turn on an error and your device beeps 3 times in a row then it is an indicator that you mistakenly press the eject button instead of the power button. If your PS4 beeps three times in a row at the time when you are turning off the console then it means that sometimes it hasn’t been saved in a proper manner. 

PS4 Won’t Turn On Eject Button Beeps

If we consider all the things then it means that it is an issue with the power supply. So, in this case, you need to visit the professional to look for the console to get to know the issue. It may be possible that you need to buy a new power cord. 

Troubleshooting When Your PS4 Won’t Turn On

Above are the reasons and also the possible methods which help you to get rid of the PS4 won’t turn on error. You can simply try to use all the methods in the process to fix this issue by yourself before visiting the professionals. If none of the methods is helpful for you then the only option you have is to visit the professional in case your PS4 doesn’t work after trying all the above-given methods. 


So, finally, we shared all the methods which help you to get rid of PS4 won’t turn on no light no beep error. If the methods we shared in the above article are helpful for you then simply let us know by dropping a comment below. Also, make sure to share this article with your friends. Apart from that, if you have any trouble while using these methods or if you are still getting this error then simply let us know in the comment section so that we can be able to help you by knowing about the issue which you are facing. Make sure to share this article with others so that they also get to know all the possible methods to get rid of this error.

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