Stardew Valley Egg Hunt: The Best Tips for Egg Festival

Stardew Valley Egg Hunt: As you know that in the frame of the egg festival the egg hunt in stardew valley is one of the things which help in the spring. If you want to be at this event in a very successful manner then you are required to read this article till the end. So, simply read this article till the end to know everything about it. 

Stardew Valley Egg Hunt – Best Tips for Egg Festival

Stardew Valley Egg Hunt

Basically in the stardew valley egg hunt multiplayer game, the egg festival held thrice in the sprint season. You don’t need as much attention on it. You simply need to note the date on your calendar so that you always remember the time when you want to take part in this event. 

One of the special markets appears in the Pelican town and it was operated by Pierre. So, in this case, you can easily purchase the pink plush bunny and also you can easily buy the strawberry seeds as well. 

By using the strawberry seeds, you can get the strawberries before the beginning of the spring season by simply planting and harvesting them. This process will only take approx 100 gold coins. 

Also, the pink plush bunny is one of the classic pieces of furniture which is only available at this festival. This classic piece only costs you 2,000 coins. 

Stardew Valley: Tips For The Egg Hunt (Egg Hunt)

In this festival, we mainly focus on the egg hunt. We have to do this in the particular given time and have to collect as many eggs. You need to search the whole Pelican Town because these eggs are hidden in the whole town.

The major goal of the people is to collect all the nine eggs. Determined time to collect is only 50 seconds. In the first hunt, it is really not easy to win So, if you collect fewer eggs and don’t collect all the nine eggs, the Abigale will win this game. Every time, she collects eight pieces and that’s why you need to collect nine eggs before them to win this game. 

Stardew Valley Egg Hunt

If you look for a way when the game gets begun which was not chosen by the other competitors in this game. So, in this case, the chances are very low that the other gamer will reap all the eggs in front of the nose and then the time will get over. 

You need to make sure that the colorful eggs are not visible in this game. Also, you can hide behind the trees, bushes and also behind buildings as well. 

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If you seriously follow the advice given by us then victory is not a big problem for you in this game. Also, you will get a new straw hat, or either you will get the 1,000 gold coins as a reward if you already won the game.

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