Who Pays You in The Trivia Millions Online Cash Game in Google Play?

Who Pays You in The Trivia Millions Online Cash Game in Google Play – A few weeks ago, I got a drink with a friend at a local bar. The bar is mainly having the weekly trivia night and as we sit and enjoy some drinks, we watch 4 riveting rounds of the questions.

We are not any good but the experience mainly reminded me about how much fun trivia is and also spurred the idea for the post.

Who Pays You in The Trivia Millions Online Cash Game in Google Play?

Who Pays You in The Trivia Millions Online Cash Game in Google Play

So, if you are looking for the best trivia apps which you can be able to play to earn some free money or prize then this article is so beneficial for you. 

The Best Trivia Games That Pay Real Money

If you are willing to earn some free money in your free time by simply putting your trivia knowledge to the test then here we are going to share some of the best apps for you that you can simply use. 

You need to know that playing with trivia apps for money will not replace your job or make a serious change in the monthly income for most people.

If you are looking to get some more lucrative ideas then I suggest you use lots of gig apps or get more serious methods to make online money. 

Swagbucks Live which is mainly known as Swag IQ is one of the trivia apps which is developed and a branch of Swagbucks and it is one of the highly popular passive income apps and also the GPT platform.

It is also one of the stable methods to play trivia games for the money as it is backed by the massive parent company and the complete rewards system which is built into the Swagbucks ecosystem. 

Lucky trivia live is another money making trivia app that is mainly available for Android and iOS if you are living in the United States.

The best part of lucky trivia live is that it is similar to HQ trivia and also it is actually having live trivia shows where you can be able to compare against the other players to simply win the prizes.

Trivia questions will follow your typical categories like entertainment, sports, science, and history as well. You can also win points to get trivia questions correct and you can also use your points to simply enter lots of sweepstakes or eventually cash out with free gift cards. 

One of the latest trivia apps to win money is trivia crack and which is used to hear trivia games that match you with the online opponent and if you will win the rounds then you will simply be able to win the points.

The points which you earn are redeemable for a variety of the prizes like free PayPal money and direct deposit and it is a pure quiz for the cash-type game.

You need to watch lots of ads between the round and games and it is the downside. The game is also part of the skilled platform which has a bunch of other similar gaming apps like blackout bingo and solitaire cash as well. 

  • Givling

Givling is one of my favorite trivia apps on this list due to the premise of givling, trivia players are mainly assigned to the 3 person team and they need to answer true or gals statements until they strike out or reach the time limit. When your team answers the question then you will earn points.

The highest scoring team at the end of the time limit ultimately splits the cash prize pool and also gives hosts 2 games per day and the trivia app also pays out more than the 3.3 million dollars. 

  • Dabbl

As dabbl is one of the new apps on toes and this rewards app is mainly growing in popularity and has a 4.5-star average rating on the Google Play store and also on the iOS app store as well.

Dabbl is not having live trivia games for the cash and there is a number of methods to earn free gift cards with the help of this app which also includes:

  • Answering surveys. 
  • Watching videos. 
  • Playing short trivia games. 
  • Telling brands about yourself. 
  • Complete offer wall tasks. 

This app is mainly a mix of trivia apps and gets paid to the platform which allows you to complete small tasks for money. Dabbl also pays out nearly $3 million and you can be able to redeem a range of free gift cards which also include Walmart, Target, Amazon, Starbucks, and much more. 

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Final Verdict

So, we hope that you understand properly who pays you in the trivia million online cash game in google play.

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