Games Like MYST 2022 – Best MYST Alternatives for PC & Android

Games Like MYST 2022 – Maybe you are aware of the “Myst” game which is one of the adventure games. As of the present time, this game is no longer available for users to play.

So, if you are the one who wants to get the replacement of the Myst game to get a similar experience to the influential puzzle adventure game then you must need to check out this article.

Games Like Myst

Games Like Myst

With the help of this article, you will get to know about the best puzzle adventure games like Myst 2022. So, simply read this article till the end to know all the useful details about it. 

Myst: A Graphic Adventure Video Game

Basically, Myst is one of the graphic adventure puzzle games which is developed by Cyan. There are two brothers Robyn and Rand Miller which started working on Myst in 1991 and this game was released for Mac OS in 1993 September. After seeing the success of this game, the developer of this game released the sequel of this game and spin-off games and also the novels as well. 

In the Myst game, the players of this game get placed in an interactive world. Also, the movement of this game gets executed by just making a click on the locations on the main display. The Begining of Myst game is one of the keys behind the success of this game.

There is a story behind this game for the players to explore this game world and to get to know the story of this game slowly. Also, the game is having some endings which will completely depend upon the decisions which were made by the players while playing the game. 

Top 10+ Recommended Similar Games of Myst for Fans

If you really want to know about other adventure and puzzle games like Myst then you need to check out this article till the end. Below, you will get a complete list of similar games like Myst 2022 which you must need to check. 

  1. The Secret of Grisly Manor
  2. The Lost City
  3. Vanished: The Island
  4. Machinarium
  5. Zork Series
  10. PORTAL 2
  14. Ever Forward
  15. East Shade
  16. Thimbleweed Park
  17. Mask of Mists

Let’s Find Out Myst Alternatives 2022

  • The Secret of Grisly Manor

If you want to know about a similar game like Myst 2022 then the secret of Grisly manor is one of the alternatives you must need to know. It is one of the best games for you. When you play this game then we assure you that you will definitely enjoy the playing and especially if you ever played point-and-click adventure games which were popular in the ’90s. 

Here in this game, your grandfather goes missing and you have to trace him by using a letter that he leaves for you. He asks in that letter to go to the mansion because he has something special for you in mention. When you go to the Grisly Mention, you will see the pouring rain and flashing lights. When you enter the mansion then you will see some of the intertwining puzzles along with the difficulties. You are required to complete the puzzles one by one so that you will see what your grandfather left in the store for you. 

  • The Lost City

As your grandfather has already given you something to have fun with. Have you ever thought about what your grandma has for you to have fun? You need to try the lost city and then you will get to know about the hidden city about which your grandma is telling you and it really exists. 

Basically, The Lost City is one of the adventure myst like games which is developed by the Fire Maple Games. Also, if we talk about its graphics then they are really awesome. This game is inspired by the classic point-and-click adventure games. Basically, the lost city game is having some intricate puzzles which will challenge you to complete a tough adventure game. The players of this game are required to access a journal which is having some of the important notes and also the clues as well which you have to complete while playing this game. 

The players of this will get a remarkable experience and you will be sad when this game ends. You must need to try this game now to explore this beautiful city. 

  • Vanished: The Island

Vanished: The Island is one of the adventure games which is introduced by Sky Horse Interactive. Basically, this game provides homage to the classic adventure games and also provides new and exciting twists as well. 

When you think that your relatives are in trouble then here is another game that will burst your bubble. In this game, your aunt Emma goes on an adventure, and here she is excavating a Mayan archeological site where trouble takes place. After getting a message from her, you will get summoned to a tropical island where you will find out no one. When you solve the puzzles series then you will also find out the clues related to your Aunt Emma’s disappearance. This puzzle is completely based on the history of the Mayan. Also, in this game, you need to keep a journal in a process to track the information which you collect while your journey. 

It is one of the adventure games and also the developers of this game did their best work to take the players into an awesome experience to explore the fictional world of gaming. 

  • Machinarium

Basically, if you are looking for myst like games for android then Machinarium is one of the puzzle games which gives you lots of adventure. This game is developed and introduced by Amanita Design and you can get this game from various platforms. This game is having a series of puzzles and also brain teasers as well. The puzzles of this game are overworld which provides the usual elements of the point and click games of adventure. 

To provide hints and clues to the players, this game uses animated thought bubbles. Also, this game has a two-tier system. Also, the players get a hint per level. This game gets lots of awards which also include the Best Indie Games, Best Soundtrack, and Excellence in Visual art. Also, it is one of the popular games.

  • Zork Series

Now, moving towards the other games like Myst on steam which is Zork Series. It is one of a series of interactive fiction computer games. Also, it is one of the earliest and of popular adventure text games for computers. 

You need to know that the Zork is text. So, there is no doubt that this game is not played by everyone but it is one of the best games for you if you love puzzle games. Basically, you need to type in a sentence. You need to stick to the story and also you need to avoid typing which is complete nonsense. This game has lots of puzzles and also it is sufficient for the functioning of your brain. 

The best part about this game is that this game is like you are reading a book, You are required to use your imagination skill, and also, you need to visualize everything. This game is so enjoyable as it provides lots of exciting puzzles to the players. 


The Witness is a colorful and also one lush puzzle game that will take place on a desolate island. Also, you can simply be able to find yourself awake in a strange location and you can not be able to decipher. Also, the witness will feature more than 500 meticulously which will mainly design the puzzle which will all spread in the explorable landscape. One of the most interesting and new things about this game is that it is having lots of puzzles that can be completed in any manner. Also, this game is mainly famous for its sheer difficulty along with lots of people who are mainly taking real-world notes in terms to solve the puzzles. 


Superliminal is also one of the highly creative puzzle games which were mainly created because of the puzzle centering in the perspective and also because of the optical illusions. Also, your aim in this game is to simply escape the labyrinthian in the complex where you will be able to find yourself to get trapped into it. Also, in terms of leaving, you are required to simply navigate your way through increasingly difficult scenarios. 

Also, this puzzle available in this game is one of the true brain teasers. Also, there is not an average switch or tile puzzle but it will rely on the shift in how you view your environment. Also, some of the objects will also change the size or also the location which will completely depend upon how you view them. 


If we talk about other games like Myst then lost at sea is one of the other alternatives to this game. It is one of the highly emotional puzzles which will take place in the completely explorable island location. Also, this game will put major emphasis on the human condition and main the anna case. She has dealt with lots of emotional situations in her life and also will relive them and come to terms with all of them at the time of her journey. 

The gameplay of this game is more ambiguous and also it needs the users to simply traverse back and forth on the island in terms of simply connecting with the in-time moments. By the way, you will have to simply contend with Anna’s embodiment of fear and also the darkness as well. 


The Talos principle is also one of the award-winning puzzle adventure games where the ancient ruins and also fantastic technology will blend together in the confusion. Also, the story of this game is the philosophical one that will ask the players to think beyond them. You will also get tasked by your creator in terms of solving the intricate and simply complex puzzles as well. 

The Talos principle feature is one of the nonlinear gameplay where you can simply be able to decide how, where, and when you solve the puzzle at hand. Every choice which you make in this game will also have some consequences where you have to be careful about your steps. 

  • PORTAL 2

Portal 2 doesn’t need any introduction as it is one of the best narrative-driven puzzle games ever. Also, you are tasked with exploring apertures science labs, and also by simply utilizing the portal gun, you can simply be able to create the appeals which will serve the main mechanics of the gameplay to simply facilitate the complete devious and also the challenging puzzle as well. Every puzzle room needs the users to simply think about things like spatial awareness and perception.

Also, placing the portals in multiple areas in the key is the main success. With this adventure, you need to contend with the omnipotent GLaDOS Portal 2 which is a puzzle game that gets filled with humor, mystery, and also intrigue. 


If you will not play this game then you need to know that you are missing someone’s best horror-tinged narrative-driven puzzle experience which is a medium to offer. Also, the puzzles in the game are completely tied up in a direct manner to simply narrate and they are also less challenging compared to other available games in this list. During the adventure in this game, you will be guided by her childhood home, and also it is one of the places of secrets and darkness. Every family member has their own story to simply tell and also the gameplay the elements shift depending on the particular person’s circumstances of the death. 


If we talk about the twelve minutes then it is one of the most highly released games in the series. Also, it will beg for its unique time-bending and also the paradoxical gameplay. It is one of the outright puzzle thrillers where you can simply be able to control the husband and wife duo who are contented with the bizarre circumstances which will completely set up their tiny apartment. 

In the twelve minutes, the narrative and the gameplay will rely on the looping time and you will be able to solve the puzzle in a direct manner that is completely related to the previous events which will take place. You are required to get to know and learn from your mistake in terms to save one another and solving the mystery of the potential murder as well. 


My Brother Rabbit is one of the departures from somewhere like the Myst but it will still retain the puzzle adventure influences. Also, in this game, you will be able to play through an emotional tale of one of the family’s ways of simply dealing with the illness of their daughter. Also, this game will take place in a colorful and also in a surreal world and one of them is brimming with imagination. 

The gameplay for My brother rabbit is more akin to the traditional point-and-click adventure game which is opposed to the outright puzzle.  Also, my brother rabbit will provide the beautiful make-believe land which you can be able to explore along with lots of charming and also lots of quirky characters which you will be able to find out in this game easily. This is one of the last games in the list of games like Myst in this article. We have shared mostly all the details about these useful games which will be useful and beneficial for you.

  • Ever Forward

Ever forward is one of the smaller puzzle adventure games and this 2021 game gets the idea of the separate puzzle but it gets placed in the context of the overall narrative. That narrative is all about the young girl and also her mother who is living in a sort of dystopian city where the endless winter looks to be arriving. The mother is distanced emotionally from the daughter because of her work at a science lab which may lead the daughter to simply lube into her imagination more often than not. 

Into her imagination, the young girl learns to tinker with the robots in a dreamlike realm. In this realm, where you use your wits and skills to simply trigger the light panels and avoid the sentry robots and bring a cube from the end of the other. It is a beautifully presented game along with some deep puzzles and also an emotional story as well. 

  • Eastshade

Easyshare may be one of the highly overlooked and underappreciated puzzle adventure games and this gorgeous first person game doesn’t provide you with a thoughtful story and a stunning landscape to simply explore and challenge puzzles it also provides you the time to simply ponder. 

In the east share, you are mainly traveling and adventuring with the painter who is looking for help to simply solve the other’s problem by the medium of painting. Every unique and quirky character you interact with has a specific painting in mind and it is up to you to simply find out where in the game world to simply paint this masterpiece for them. It is utterly endearing and whimsical and it will provide enough emotional weight to simply keep you invested. 

  • Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed park is one of the true love letters into the puzzle genre and the point-and-click adventure genre to the gaming ears which is gone by. Thimbleweed shows a darkly comedic mystery noir tale that is set in 1987 in and around the titular town. It provides some of the truly challenging puzzle scenarios. 

You can be able to play as the five unique characters with their own foibles, nuances, and also the special story beats. It is one of the games which is filled with intrigue and humor and plenty of humor. If you are one of the fans of more old school puzzle adventures then you need to check out this game. 

  • Mask of Mists

Mask of Mists was one of the more obscure, underrated first person puzzle adventure games but it deserves your attention. It is mainly set in a gorgeous fantasy world with lots of regions that will become infected by the strange growth. You are one of the magical mercenaries set to uncover what happened in the area and where everyone went. 

Mask of mists mainly blends environmental puzzles and dungeon diving and also the magic-based combat seamlessly at the time of gorgeous runtime. The gameplay keeps you exploring and experimenting and there are lots of center treasures and rooms available to discover if you are so inclined. 

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Final Verdict:

So, finally, we have shared some of the best puzzle adventure games like Myst. If the above-given games are helpful for you to get a similar experience like Myst then must share this article with other people and also let us know by dropping a  comment in the comment section below.

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