Pokemon Light Platinum – Comprehensive Guide for Pokemon Players

Hello friend. Today here in this article we are going to talk about a new topic which is Pokemon Light Platinum on our website at pokemon Go Hub. We are sharing all the relevant information about the Pokemon Light Platinum.

In this article, you will get details including the features of the Pokemon Light Platinum. So read this complete article to get to know each and every detail about the Pokemon Light Platinum. At the same time, recently, we shared an in-depth guide on pokevision alternatives that helps pokemon players to catch more characters using the poke maps.

Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon NDS Game Reddit is the GBA emulator. You will get shocked after getting to know about the mind-blowing features of the Pokemon Light Platinum. The Pokemon Light Platinum download is completely based upon the Pokemon Ruby and this game is having lots of cool and new graphics, also this game is having very interesting gameplay. The music of the Pokemon Light Platinum was really beautiful and the events and the new Pokemon in this game were really cool and attractive.

The original and old ruby version of pokemon light platinum nds was so boring but the pros of this game were that this will take the experience of your game to the next level.

As you play the “Pokemon Light Platinum mega”, while playing this game, you find yourself that you are addicted to this game and this tends to play the game every time and non-stop till the whole story of this game was completed and also you can get the cheats of this game by simply typing on google pokemon light platinum cheats rare candy.

Features of Pokemon Light Platinum:

  • The Pokemon Light Platinum game included a new region which is “ZHERY”.
  • It includes the new leaders and also the Elite four.
  • It also includes the new rivals.
  • Pokemon light platinum download includes the pokemon for all the regions like Johto, for Kanto, for Hoen, and for Sinnoh.
  • The users get the trips for the other areas.
  • Users can catch all the legendaries pokemon.
  • This game includes all the new sprites.
  • Also pokemon light platinum mega stone cheat game has all the new events.
  • The pokemon light platinum game download is having all new tiles.
  • This game is having a new final event which is called the Pokemon world Championship.
  • And in the final, it is easy to play, and also easy to save and enjoy along with the GBA Emulator – VBA.
  • The Pokemon light platinum walkthrough is not hard to play like the NDS Game.

Pokemon Light Platinum cheats:

  • Rare Candies
  • Walk Through Walls
  • Infinite Money
  • Hearts
  • Daycare (quick level up)
  • Eggs
  • Quick Level Gain
  • Wild Pokemon Easily Caught
  • 1st – 6th Pokemon – Max Stats
  • Have all PokeBalls
  • Complete Pokedex
  • RainMaker (Press L+R)
  • Access Birch’s Bag (L+R+Up)
  • Trainers Eyes Complete
  • Have all TM/HM’s
  • Have all Berries
  • All Legendary Pokemon

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