How To Get Gold in Game of War? – Personal Tips & Tricks

It is a fact that you have spent some of the money in Game of War in order to get gold but there are fewer chances that you have to make a correct selection with the gold which you are having. So, here in this article, we are going to share some of the methods which will help you to earn more gold in the Game of War.

How To Get Gold In Game of War?

How To Get Gold In Game of War

So, keep reading this article till the end. 

Best Ways to Get Gold in Game of War Game

  • Earning Gold By Completing Events

The first thing which you need to know is that the events are really touched by getting more resources and also by leveling up. It may be beneficial for you if you are stated between 15 to 18 and use a proper strategy to amass a good amount of gold before upgrading the level. 

The main strategy to earn gold is to complete the events to get a good amount of gold and also the speedups so that you can be able to complete several events at the same time and also to earn lots of rewards again and again without depletion of the supply of your gold. One of the best parts of this strategy is that you are trying to get the gold and speed ups back and also you spend by getting lots of power. 

  • Earn Free Gold By Upgrading Your Treasury

These are the main strategy guides in terms of upgrading your treasury. Also, it is really easy and simple to upgrade the building but also the original content is also helpful. Recently, the treasury got an upgrade on the daily deposit which nets you to get 14,000 gold in a day. Also, if you have not completed the last treasury level then it will take lots of resources like 80k gold but it is having an amazing payout which is 9.6 M power of the complete building. 

As the KVG provides you the points per power of building by simply completing the single building by which you are able to complete the instant KvK events. Also, the gold which you get from the KvK will just be for your treasury which will give you the 21k gold per month, and also if you play the available cards then you may earn more gold. 

  • Join An Alliance with a High Gift Level

The higher the gift level of your Alliance, the higher rewards you will get as an Alliance gift. If you are a new player or if you are willing to start the alliance then we suggest you join a high-level alliance or buy an alliance from any other person also you can simply change your name as well. 

Generally, you have to get the spender to purchase a pack or alliance in some of the other ways and you will get gifts like 1,000 gold and much more. You need to know that alliances are not a dependent kingdom and you will have the people to be a part of your alliance belonging to different kingdoms. 

  • Build a Gold Mine for Free

You can build a mine from Facebook where you and your friends can exchange gold. Also, you can be able to give and get a maximum of 300 gold per day. There is no other method to disconnect your Facebook account from your GoW account when you connect it once. So, make sure to create a new Facebook account to connect it with Facebook. 

For instance, in Level 1, you can be able to connect 10 gold from 5 of your friends in a day, and also it will allow you to get 50 gold in a day from 5 friends. In level 2. You will be able to collect gold from 6 of your friends and so on. By leveling up to level 21, you will be able to collect gold from 25 friends. Also, at level 21, you will be able to get a 2 gold per person bonus so that you will be able to collect 300 gold per day. 

  • Farm Gold Tiles

You need to know that the Gold tiles are like the other tile resources and they took a longer time to collect. Also, there are two different types of gold tiles where one will take 15 minutes to get 1 gold and when your kingdom earns from the kvk winning which will only take 15 seconds to get 1 gold tile. 

Also, people from your kingdom are not able for a tile attack at the time when you are farming the gold after the event but you need to be careful at the time of farming a tile. If any of the other players try to attack you and you are having a powerful account then this strategy of tile will be helpful for you to leave your enemy stunned. 

Secret Gold Mine Trick

It is a little tricky to get to the Gold Mine which lots of people don’t know. You need to know that it will cost you 1,000 gold for every leveling up and also you need to have a master hammer to level up from 20 to 21. It will cost you 22,000 gold to level up from a point where you will be able to get 300 gold per day. Also, it will allow you to get 3k+ gold extra. This is a kind of 10-day advantage until you start getting more gold which you invest. 

Steps For The Gold Mine Trick

  • You need to create your Facebook Account first. 
  • Then, simply build a gold mine attached to the Facebook account. 
  • Now, you have to ask your alliance for their Facebook account emails. 
  • After this, you have to connect with every person. 
  • Again, repeat the 4th step till you make dozens of Facebook friends in Game. 
  • Now, simply level up your gold mine by using the resource and also ensure that you have to collect the gold after starting the process of leveling up. 

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Final Verdict:

So, these are some of the tips and tricks which help you to get gold in game of war game. If these methods are helpful for you to earn gold quickly then do share this article with other people so that they also get benefited from this article. In case of any issue or query, drop your comment below to connect with us.

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