Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to the Internet? What to Do?

If you are facing difficulty or issue while connecting your Nintendo switch to the internet due to which you can’t be able to switch games online then you don’t need to worry about the “Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to the Internet” Error.

With the help of this article, you will get to know all the basic and simple steps by which you can easily be able to get rid of this issue in a very easy and simple manner. 

Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to the Internet

Nintendo Switch Won't Connect to the Internet

If you are facing a network problem with your Nintendo switch and can’t be able to get your system online and getting an error code on the display or facing issues of disconnection at the time of playing some online game then we know how frustrating these issues are.

Today here in this article, we are going to tell you some of the best methods which help you to fix Nintendo switch internet issues and help you to get back online and play the games again. 

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect To The Internet

If you are seriously facing this Nintendo switch that won’t connect to the internet while playing any games then you are required to stick to this article. With the help of this article, you will get to know lots of useful methods and tricks by which you can be able to fix this issue in a very easy and simple manner.

So, keep reading this article till the end to know all the possible methods to get rid of this error. 

Method 1: Restart Your Nintendo Switch

As with any of the electronic devices, restarting your switch is one of the very first steps in terms of fixing the issue temporarily. By simply pressing the power button of your switch, you can simply put your device into sleep mode, and also there are more chances that you haven’t power cycled your device for a long time.

In terms of shutting down your switch completely, you have to simply press and hold the power button which appears at the top left side of the system for a few seconds. 

From the main menu, you have to select the power options and then you have to simply restart your device. After some seconds, your system will reboot. Wait for a few seconds, and then you have to simply reconnect your device with the internet. 

Method 2: Reboot Your Networking Equipment

After rebooting your device, you are required to power cycle your modem and also your router. You have to simply pull the plug into the device and then wait for a few minutes and then you have to simply plug it back into your device. 

Method 3: Make Sure You’re Not in Airplane Mode

When you turn your Switch into airplane mode then it will automatically disable all the wireless communication and also it will help the switch to save the battery at the time of using the system on the go and it will also keep your device online as well. 

You are required to know that the system is in airplane mode when you see the icon of an airplane in the top notification bar.

To find it, you have to open the settings of your device and then airplane mode. You can also be able to hold the home button in a process to open the quick settings and to change it as well. You need to know that the switch will not allow the users to enter the airplane mode where the device is docked. 

Method 4: Review Your Switch Network Settings

If you are still not able to be online then you are required to check out the internet connection option of your switch by which you can be able to get to know that exact problem. For this, you have to open the settings menu by using the home screen, and then you need to open the internet option. Here, you have to select the test connection option in the process to make a quick check and check that everything is ok or not. 

If you don’t see any of the connection tests with a successful message then you need to note down the error code and then simply reach for that error code online. You will have to get back to the internet settings page and ensure that you have set up everything in a correct manner. 

Simply select the network and then you have to select the change settings option in the process to ensure that the information is updated. Also, you can simply erase the connection and set up a new one.

One of the common reasons behind the network issue is the mistyping of Wi-Fi passwords. So, in this case, you have to run a test on other devices of your network to ensure that you enter the right password or not. 

Method 5: Check Nintendo’s Network Maintenance Page

It may be possible that Nintendo’s online service may face some of the issues. You need to simply take a look at Nintendo’s network maintenance information page to get to know about any of the online issues.

On this page, you see that all servers are operating normally and if the online services will work in a normal manner then you have to close that page and check out any of the scheduled maintenance windows where the network service gets affected. 

Method 6: Install System and Game Updates

If you are still able to make your switch online then you can’t be able to download any of the new updates as well. It may be possible that your system has already downloaded any of the updates but hasn’t installed them yet.

Applying that update will help you to fix the issue. So, to check it out, you have to open the Settings > System and then you have to select the option of System Update to check for any further updates. 

Also, online games don’t allow the user to use the network service until the game gets updated into its latest version. If you are facing any issue with the gaming then you are required to check out for the updates. Also, the games will generally check the availability at the time of launch of the game but you can also be able to do this process manually. 

You have to make a click on the Plus and Minus button at the time of highlighting a game and then you need to enter into the software update > via the internet. If you are nearby someone else who is also having a switch and also the updated copy of the game then you can also be able to select the option of match version with local users.

You can simply be able to create a group and then simply install the update with the help of the other’s switch. 

Method 7: Reduce Wi-Fi

You need to know that the Switch is not having any type of powerful Wi-Fi chip and if you are facing a connection issue then it may be possible that you are far away from your Wi-Fi router. You need to keep an eye on the indicator of Wi-fi which is available at the top right side of the home screen of your Switch to check out how strong your connection is. 

If it is possible then try to move closer to your Wi-fi router in order to create a more stable connection. You are also required to try to reduce the inference between your router and device by simply moving all the electronics and also the metal objects which take place in between your switch and router. 

Method 8: Purchase the Switch Ethernet Adapter

If you are having some serious issues of connection at the time when your Wi-Fi is on then you are required to buy the licensed HORI Ethernet adapter for the Nintendo Switch.

Also, this will get plugged into the USB port in the dock of the console, and then it will allow the users to simply connect the system with the network by simply using the Ethernet cable. You need to know that the wired connection is more stable as compared to the wireless connection so that you will face fewer issues with it.

If you are connecting your switch with the router in a direct manner then it is not an option. Also, you will have to check out the powerline adapter which will allow the users to run the ethernet connections by the power lines. 

Method 9: Perform Advanced Router Tweaks

If you are still facing the issues after following the above-given steps then we suggest you make a visit to Nintendo’s NAT troubleshooting page and on that, you have to look for the advanced settings on your router. Also, it will include the switch connected to the 5GHz band instead of the 2.4GHz which will put your system into the DMZ and much more. 

These settings are very good on lots of routers apart from the usefulness of this guide. Also, lots of people don’t need to worry about it but you can simply take a look at this article to get instant help. 

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Get Your Switch Back Online

As we have discussed mostly all the steps which help you to troubleshoot the Nintendo switch connection issues.

If this article on fixing the error known as “Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to the Internet” is helpful for you and helps you to get rid of these issues then you have to share this article with other people so that they can also benefit from this article.

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